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18 August 2010

Adobe InDesign online developer training

Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server CS4 SDK 2009 developer briefing

Adobe hosts developer briefing events to help you gain a better understanding of the InDesign CS4 SDK. These events focus on new content, enhancements, changes, and porting.



  • Documentation overview
  • Working with the new Links architecture
  • Understanding InDesign Server 64-bit support
  • PDF Form XObjects



  • Programmatically controlling conditional text and cross-references
  • Building InDesign UIs with Flex and ActionScript
  • Exploring Flash export
  • Working with IDML
  • Miscellaneous new or improved samples



  • Program overview and support benefits
  • Best practices and tools

2009 Creative Suite Developer Summit

Business Introduction to InDesign Server

Presented by Chris Kitchener, Senior Product Manager for Layout Products.

It is estimated by IDC that in 2009 the world wide automated publishing business, including web to print solutions, will be worth in excess of $400m. InDesign Server is a key technology from Adobe that can help you deliver those automated publishing solutions. In this session you’ll learn more about:

  • What does Adobe mean by automated publishing?
  • What is InDesign Server?
  • Why would you use InDesign Server as your automated layout engine?
  • What does Adobe believe is the opportunity with InDesign Server?
  • What kind of customers are buying InDesign Server?
  • Tips for success....

So whether you’re new to the world of InDesign Server, or seasoned developers come to this session and learn the latest thinking on how InDesign Server could extend your solutions offerings either to existing or new customers.

Technical Introduction to InDesign Server

Speaker: Brendan O’Shea, Seoras Ashby

Audience: Business Managers, Engineers, Customers, Partners with little or no experience of IDS

  • What is InDesign Server, from a technical perspective
  • Development platforms
  • Brief overview of features / capabilities
  • SDK information


Technology Deep Dive - InDesign Family Links

Content :

  • Links Rearchitecture
  • SDK sample using Links in a Database including FileMaker Pro example.
  • Non-XML Database Story opportunity
  • Speaker: Heath Lynn Audience : InDesign Family Developers


Technology Deep Dive - InDesign Server's Performance, Profiling and Stability

Content :

  • InDesign Server Benchmarking
  • How we certify InDesign Server - 30-day uptime
  • Tutorial on using profiling tools

Speaker: Joe Stinson
Duration : 90 Minutes

Advanced Integration with InDesign Server

Speaker: Seoras Ashby
Audience: Business Managers, Engineers, Customers, Partners with good experience of IDS
Content : In this session we’ll cover two separate integrations with InDesign Server. The first examines the Distributed Copy Editor (DCE) reference implementation, and the second talks about how you might approach a LiveCycle and InDesign Server integration.

The Distributed Copy Editor is a reference implementation of a lightweight copy editing application that can integrate with traditional InDesign / InCopy publishing workflows using standard web-based protocols. We'll look under the hood of the server-side web application which controls InDesign Server and the client-side Flex / AIR applications. The second part of this session looks at how InDesign Server can be integrated with the LiveCycle family of products, including LiveCycle Content Services ES, Digital Signatures ES, Forms ES, Output ES, Process Management ES, and Reader Extensions ES.

Technology Deep Dive - InDesign Family IDML

Speaker: Heath Lynn
Audience: InDesign Family Developers

Technology Deep Dive - InDesign Family SDK

Speaker: Heath Lynn

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