19 January 2009


Prerequisite knowledge

Knowledge of LiveCycle Designer ES.

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Additional Requirements

LiveCycle Designer ES

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Chapter 6: Getting into advanced form design (PDF, 1.5M)

Used with permission of friends of ED. For more information about the book, visit Foundation Form Creation with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES.

You now have a firm grasp on the capabilities of interactive forms and how they provide benefits both for the business processes and for the user. In this chapter, you will delve into the benefits provided by LiveCycle Designer when you build intuitive and dynamic forms. You will further investigate user input, data display, and sophisticated forms of validation, and you'll learn how these contribute to the success of the form. You will also learn how to customize forms for the language and standards of the country of form origin.

You will then learn about how scripts enable you to tailor your forms depending on the kind of information you are asking of your user and how to use conditional breaks to ensure that the form flow remains intact when you are requesting unknown quantities of data from the user.

Finally, you will spend some time understanding how subforms and tables enable you to expand the form with user-entered data, and you will learn about creating reusable form fragments that will streamline your form-building processes.

To complete some of the exercises in this chapter, it is recommended that you download the cheque.pdf document.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • Controlling user input and data display
  • Scripting form interactions
  • Working with flowed form layouts
  • Using subforms in dynamic forms
  • Creating shared and reusable form content