31 March 2008


Prerequisite knowledge

A working knowledge of form guides and Flex Builder. You should also be familiar with MXML and ActionScript.

User level


Additional Requirements

LiveCycle ES

You can customize form guides using the Guide Builder plug-in of the LiveCycle Designer ES software. With that you can select various built-in panel layouts and navigation styles. You can also choose from in-the-box form guide layouts as well as doing the usual styling, all without the need of programming.

This tutorial covers the general creation of custom form guide libraries. It is about having your way with a form guide, making it ‘your own', via Flex Builder. It is for programmers who want to create alternate guide layouts, alternate panel layouts, and alternate components to display data, alternate navigation mechanisms, and to inject custom business logic.

Watch the tutorials (49 minutes)

Episode I: Creating a custom SWC (16 minutes)

Episode II: Creating a custom layout (22 minutes)

Episode III: Creating a custom wrapper (11 minutes)