27 October 2008


Prerequisite knowledge

Have a solid understanding of LiveCycle Rights Management ES.

User level


This article explains how you can configure Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES to deny services to specific client applications.

Beginning with Rights Management ES version 8.2, you can configure Rights Management ES to deny services to applications that meet specific criteria, provided you are a knowledgeable LiveCycle ES administrator and you have XML experience. The criteria can specify a single attribute such as a platform name or it can specify multiple sets of attributes.

This feature can help you control the requests Rights Management ES must handle. Here are some applications of this feature:

Revenue protection: You may want to deny access to any client application that does not support your revenue conventions.

Application compatibility: Some applications may be incompatible with the policies or behavior of your Rights Management ES server.

This document covers the following topics:

  • About application information
  • Modifying the configuration file
  • Reference for the ClientVersionRules element
  • Examples

Read the article:

Denying Rights Management ES services for specific applications (PDF, 82K)