16 June 2008

This whitepaper provides an overview of Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management ES software and the benefits rights management can bring to businesses in a range of industries.

Key benefits of Digital Rights Management:

  • Protect intellectual property and personally identifying information against accidental or malicious disclosure without impacting productivity or collaboration
  • Ensure internal and external recipients have direct access to the latest version of a document, regardless of where or when they need it
  • Dynamic policy control so you can change who is authorized to view content no matter where files are located – on websites, CDs, employee laptops, or partners' computers
  • Policy control is persistent throughout the information lifecycle as documents are generated and protected on the desktop and server
  • Determine who is accessing documents, as well as where and when, speeding communication
  • Easy deployment, using ubiquitous and free Adobe Reader software, and ability to integrate tightly with many other applications, formats, repositories, and authentication mechanisms

Read the whitepaper:

The benefits of rights management (PDF, 679K)