Note: Adobe and its partner Influxis have reached an agreement resulting in a hosted collaboration service offering based on Adobe’s LiveCycle Collaboration Service (LCCS) code. The new service is  known as Influxis Collaboration Service. Influxis has been a trusted Adobe partner for six years, starting as a Flash Media Service hosting company and is now a leading interactive media delivery provider specializing in video solutions. Learn more about Influxis.

Influxis Collaboration Service is built to support the same framework and offer the same feature set currently available via LCCS. Influxis welcomes all Adobe LCCS customers to migrate to Influxis Collaboration Service.If you are interested in talking to Influxis about their service offering please contact Wesley Daggett, Director of Business Development, at 661-775-3936 or via email.


The Collaboration service enables developers to add easily real-time collaboration and social capabilities to their applications. The service is implemented as LiveCycle Collaboration Service. Adobe hosts the service so developers don't have to worry about deployment, maintenance, and scalability.

What you can do

Using LiveCycle Collaboration Service you can add collaboration to new and existing applications. Some examples of applications with collaborative capabilities include social games, customer service applications, e-learning solutions, and sports broadcasts. LiveCycle Collaboration Service provides the following features:

  • Real-time push messaging: Create collaboration-aware components and applications.
  • Pre-built components: Accelerate development using white board, chat window, webcam, and other prebuilt components.
  • Multimedia streaming: Use audio and video sharing with support for P2P (RTMFP) streaming.
  • User management: Detect and change presence, status, and roles.


Examples and case studies


Rosetta Stone TOTALe

Rosetta Stone

See how Rosetta Stone used LiveCycle Collaboration Service to create a live, interactive language learning environment.

Experience Rosetta Stone


The Video Livingroom


This application uses LiveCycle Collaboration Service to let users select a video and watch and annotate it with friends.

Experience the Video Livingroom


Build your own Collaboration service


1. Watch the getting started video 

Build your first LCCS application (11:50)

2. Sign in to the LiveCycle Collaboration Service developer portal and download the SDK Navigator

The SDK Navigator will guide you through the LiveCycle Collaboration Service SDK, which includes:

  • SDK Navigator: An Adobe AIR application for managing rooms, templates, users, permissions, and messaging
  • Compiled libraries: Precompiled SWC files that support both Adobe Flash Player 9 and 10
  • Source code: LiveCycle Collaboration Service source to assist with debugging
  • Server scripts: Scripts to help you manage accounts (including creating and deleting rooms and templates)
  • Local Connection Server: An AIR application for offline development and testing of nonstreaming components

3. Read the LiveCycle Collaboration Service developer guide