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Rosetta Stone® TOTALe

Rosetta Stone® TOTALe™ is an innovative, online language-learning solution from the company that is changing the way the world learns languages. Rosetta Stone TOTALe builds on and enhances the effectiveness of the award-winning Rosetta Course™ by seamlessly integrating it with online coach-led practice sessions, fun and engaging language games, and live access to native speakers. 

Category: E-learning

Collaborate service features: Co-browsing, video, audio

Developer: Rosetta Stone

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Hog Wild Poker Leagues

Hog Wild Poker Leagues is a LiveCycle Collaboration Service powered online Texas Hold'em game that allows users to create their own online poker league and tournaments. 

Category: Casual online games

Collaborate service features: Presence, chat, audio and video

Developer: Hog Wild Poker Leagues

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Edoboard is an online e-learning platform built on the LiveCycle Collaboration Service. It lets educators easily teach and help students with mathematics in a rich, interactive, online environment. 

Category: E-Learning

Collaborate service features: Presence, webcam, chat, co-browsing

Developer: Edoboard

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ExpoTourism is the world's first online tourism business exhibition and trade fair. Leveraging LiveCycle Collaboration Service, ExpoTourism enables exhibitors to create an online stand branded with their logos and images. Visitors can interact with exhibitors directly at their online stand by downloading product details into their virtual briefcase, requesting more information or requesting a meeting. 

Category: Business collaboration

Collaborate service features: Presence, VoIP, chat

Developer: Web Site

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Sudocomo is a multi-player sudoko game built with LiveCycle Collaboration Service where you can work on the same puzzle and communicate with others. 

Category: Casual online games

Collaborate service features: Chat, co-browsing

Developer: Nisse Bryngfors

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Spell It

A word game developed with LiveCycle Collaboration Service in which each player has the same random 9 letters and 90 seconds to spell as many words as they can. For each letter the player receives one point. Players can compete with others online to see who can accumulate the most points in each round. 

Category: Casual online games

Collaborate service features: Presence, chat, co-browsing

Developer: Isa Hayat

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Multiuser Maps

Allows multiple users to co-browse a Yahoo! map using the Collaboration service. Zoom, pan, and draw over top of a map in real-time with other people. Search for an address and leave a permanent marker of where you are. 

Category: Online media sharing

Collaborate service features: Presence, webcam video, chat, co-browsing

Developer: Adobe

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Coinche Stephanoise

A free multi-player online card game integrated with Facebook that can be played with your friends and others in your social network. Coinche Stephanoise is a popular and fun French game that can accommodate up to 4 players. More details about the rules are available on the website. 

Category: Casual online games

Collaborate service features: Presence, chat, co-browsing, audio

Developer: Arnaud Zdziobeck

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The Video Livingroom

Allows multiple users to co-browse YouTube using the LiveCycle Collaboration Service. Select a video, watch, and annotate it with your friends. 

Category: Online media sharing

Collaborate service features: Presence, webcam video, chat, co-browsing, whiteboard

Developer: Adobe

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