Solution Accelerators


Solution Accelerators are fully tested and supported frameworks that bundle together all of the underlying LiveCycle modules required to develop each solution, together with solution-specific components called building blocks ready for use in production applications. In addition to the supported frameworks, Adobe will also provide documentation together with Solution Templates as sample implementations that can be used to rapidly build proofs of concepts and accelerate development of production solutions.

Download and install the three Solution Accelerators

Complete documentation


Why use them

  • Kick start project planning
  • Decrease development time
  • Reduce project risk
  • Improve your applications


What's included

  • Deployable and extensible code
  • Best practice methodologies
  • Technical documentation
  • Demo assets and other resources


Solution Accelerators


Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator

The Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator streamlines personalized correspondence creation and management.  Business users can intuitively assemble individualized customer correspondence with pre-approved content blocks, interactive media elements, and pre-filled electronic forms. It is then delivered securely to the customer enabling them to fill in the appropriate information and submit it back to continue the process eliminating wasteful paper submissions. 

Reference and documentation

Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator Solution Guide

Data Dictionary Building Block Technical Guide

Asset Manager Building Block Technical Guide

Expression Manager Building Block Technical Guide

Asset Composer Building Block Technical Guide


Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator

The Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator makes structured reviews efficient, collaborative and auditable inside and outside the organization. It provides a flexible framework that makes it fast and easy for non-technical users to create and manage review and approval workflows, from simple to sophisticated, all without IT involvement. 

Reference and documentation

Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator Solution Guide

Review, Commenting & Approval Building Block Technical Guide



Interactive Statements Solution AcceleratorInteractive Statements Solution Accelerator transforms the static monthly statement into a dynamic, two-way channel for customer engagement. The statement is delivered via email or on-demand as a secure, interactive PDF. In addition to managing their accounts, customers can click on the built-in services to pay, redeem, query, dispute, learn, and chat or anything else – the possibilities are limitless. 

Reference and documentation

Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator Solution Guide

Personalization Manager Building Block Technical Guide

Batch Processor Building Block Technical Guide  


Reference and documentation