Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2


The Adobe LiveCycle Mosaic ES2 module increases user productivity by aggregating multiple applications into a single, personalized view, eliminating the need to sign in to and update each application separately. Improve the quality of critical business decisions by providing knowledge workers with real-time, relevant, and contextual information.
Key capabilities
  • Create collaboration-aware components and applications
  • Interact with intuitive and customizable views
  • Accelerate application developmentSimplify integration with core business system
How it works
Create application tiles by updating existing Adobe Flex® and HTML code. Assemble tiles into contextual composite views, surfaced in an application shell you design. Store all reusable application assets, such as tiles, views, panels, and style sheets, in a shared catalog for future reuse. Assign role-based privileges to your Mosaic application and deploy it. Users interact with the application in a desktop client or browser client and can customize views and save them.
Refine your skills
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