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Rosetta Stone Totale
Rosetta Stone® TOTALe™ is an innovative, online language-learning solution from the company that is changing the way the world learns languages. Rosetta Stone TOTALe builds on and enhances the effectiveness of the award-winning Rosetta Course™ by seamlessly integrating it with online coach-led practice sessions, fun and engaging language games, and live access to native speakers. 

Category: E-learning
Collaborate service features: Co-browsing, video, audio
Developer: Rosetta Stone
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Hog Wild Poker Leagues
Hog Wild Poker Leagues is a LiveCycle Collaboration Service powered online Texas Hold'em game that allows users to create their own online poker league and tournaments. 

Category: Casual online games
Collaborate service features: Presence, chat, audio and video
Developer: Hog Wild Poker Leagues
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Edoboard is an online e-learning platform built on the LiveCycle Collaboration Service. It lets educators easily teach and help students with mathematics in a rich, interactive, online environment. 
Category: E-Learning
Collaborate service features: Presence, webcam, chat, co-browsing
Developer: Edoboard
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