11 January 2011

The Style Builder application is a standalone GUI tool to create style sheets for LiveCycle ES2 Guides. In the previous release, when guides were created in the LiveCycle Designer, this tool was integrated in Designer but with the release of LiveCycle ES2 software and the new Guide Builder Workbench plug-in, style sheet authoring was left to the hardiest developers using their favourite word processing application.

With the Style Builder, you can:

  • Change colors and fonts for various elements of the guide
  • Set the background image and the logo to use
  • Change indent settings and set the appearance of rectangles

Download the tool (AIR, 1.4M)

As you can see from the above image, the application is divided in two parts. The left pane shows the different main categories you can modify:

  • Guide, logo and progress bar
  • Panels
  • Field and text
  • Buttons and repeater layouts
  • Navigation
  • Theme

For each of those categories, a different set of items are presented in the left hand side and also graphically reflected in the right hand pane. The "Customize theme" category is different in that it allows you to search the internet for themes using keywords. You can then select from color swatches and apply them to the Guide.

The right hand pane contains two tabs:

  • Preview
  • Source

The Preview tab graphically displays the changes you make to the style and the Source tab allows you to see and edit the CSS source.

Once you’ve completed your changes, save the CSS file and follow the instructions in the Guide Style Builder document to compile the CSS to a SWF to include in your LiveCycle application.