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19 August 2010

The Adobe® PostScript® software development kit (SDK) archive is a compilation of documents and sample code previously distributed on CD as the Print Technologies SDK, which was available only to Adobe Solutions Network (ASN) members. It includes information about the Adobe PostScript language, PostScript print drivers, the Adobe Type Manager® (ATM™) application programming interface (API), and fonts. All documents and sample code are furnished as is and are subject to the Terms of Use.

To access the samples, you must accept the PostScript license agreement that is displayed after you click the links below. For additional specifications and technical notes, see Fonts Technical Notes and PostScript language specifications.

PostScript documentation is available on the following topics:


PJTF Extensions for Trapping #5621 (PDF: 85K)
June 13, 2002

Open Prepress Interface (OPI) Specification — Version 2.0 #5660 (PDF: 160K)
January 19, 2000

Open Prepress Interface (OPI) Specification — Version 1.3 (PDF: 58K)
September 22, 1993

Document Structure for In-RIP PostScript Language Trapping #5611 (PDF: 27K)
February 16, 1998

Portable Job Ticket Format Version 1.1 #5620 (PDF: 1M)
April 2, 1999

Color Separation Conventions (PDF: 7K)
ReadMe file for TN #5044

Printer Systems-Based Separations (PDF: 140K)
TN #5606
October 9, 1997

PostScript Language Level 3 Extensions for Trapping (PDF: 87K)

TN #5622
June 13, 2002

PostScript Overprint Mode (version 3015.102) (PDF: 50K)
TN #5145
October 31, 2001


Matching RGB Color from Monitor to Printer (PDF: 95K)
TN #5122
February 14, 1992
Sample code

Device-Independent Color in PostScript Level 2 (PDF: 87K)

TN #5124
March 31, 1992

Color Separation Conventions for PostScript Language Programs (PDF: 87K)

TN #5044
May 24, 1996

DeviceN Color Space and Color Model (PDF: 111K)
TN #5604
October 9, 1997
Sample code


Selecting Binary Communications Protocol and Host Switching (PDF: 28K)
TN #5082
March 31, 1992
See also: Protocol specifications


JPEG Technical Specification (PDF: 21K)
TN #5083
May 1, 1992

JPEG Source Vendor List (PDF: 28K)
TN #5095
February 14, 1992

Supporting Data Compression in PostScript Level 2 and the filter Operator (PDF: 184K)
TN #5115
March 31, 1992

Supporting the DCT Filters in PostScript Level 2 (PDF: 158K)
TN #5116
November 24, 1992

Sample code

Sample code

Run Length Encoding Filter
Sample code

Filters and Reusable Streams (PDF: 185K)
TN #5603
October 9, 1997


Emulation of the execform Operator (PDF: 117K)
TN #5113
March 31, 1992
Sample code

Using EPS Files in PostScript Language Forms
TN #5144
October 4, 1996


Postscript language (general)

Supporting Level 2 Functionality (PDF: 64K)
TN #5110
March 31, 1992

Supporting Device Features (PDF: 122K)
TN #5117
March 31, 1992

Level 2 Compatibility: The setscreen and currentscreen Operators (PDF: 36K)

TN #5119
March 31, 1992

Using save Outside the Server Loop (PDF: 25K)
TN #5129
February 14, 1992

Clipsave and Cliprestore (PDF: 45K)

TN #5607
October 10, 1997

The Copypage Operator (PDF: 37K)

TN #5608
October 9, 1997


Improving Image Performance by Using Color Lookup Tables (PDF: 202K)
TN #5121
March 31, 1992
Sample code

TIFF To PostScript Conversion
Sample code

Language Level 2 paths

Advanced Path Construction Methods Using Level 2 Features (PDF: 147K)
TN #5114
March 31, 1992
Sample code


Smooth Shading (PDF: 416K)
TN #5600
October 10, 1997
Sample code

Masked Images (PDF: 151K)

TN #5601
October 10, 1997
Sample code

Halftones and screens (PDF: 151K)
TN #5602
October 9, 1997
Sample code


Emulation of the makepattern and setpattern Operators (PDF: 170K)
TN #5112
March 31, 1992


Emulation of the rectclip, rectfill, and rectstroke Operators (PDF: 74K)
TN #5123
March 31, 1992

PostScript Language Code Optimization: Rectangles (PDF: 85K)

TN #5126
March 31, 1992
Sample code

Stroke Adjust

Emulation of the setstrokeadjust Operator (PDF: 83K)
TN #5111
March 31, 1992


Text ReadMe file (PDF: 9K)

Simple Text Setting Calculations for PostScript Language Drivers (PDF: 47K)

Roman Font Name Mapping
Sample code

Font Switching Optimizations (PDF: 77K)
TN #5048
March 31, 1992

Roman Font Re-Encoding Issues (PDF: 92K)
TN #5125
August 7, 1992
Re-encode sample code

Fast Text Rendering (PDF: 77K)

TN #5136
April 13, 1993

Overview of the Generic Text Interface (PDF: 188K)
TN #5118
May 20, 1992
PostScript driver sample code


Timing Techniques (PDF: 102K)
TN #5120
March 31, 1992
Sample code

PostScript language books and sample code

The PostScript Language Tutorial and Cookbook
Blue Book PDF and sample code

PostScript Language Program Design
Green Book PDF and sample code

Adobe Type Manager (ATM) API

ATM API Library
(ZIP: 351K)
(SEA: 363K)

PostScript Printer Driver Optimization Case Study (PDF: 42K)
PostScript Printer Driver for Mac and Windows
TN #5042
March 31, 1992

Tips for Writing a Print Spooler (PDF: 84K)
TN #5133
April 2, 1993

Tips for Working with the New PostScript Printer Driver for Macintosh (PDF: 42K)

TN #5134
April 2, 1993

PSPrinter's PrGeneral Interface to Get Communications Resources (PDF: 117K)

TN #5139
November 1, 1993


AFM Parse
Sample code

Type 1 Font program
For makeblendedfont and Other Subrs
Program code

Supporting Fonts in the PostScript Language Environment (PDF: 144K)

TN #5075
March 31, 1992

Multiple Master Font Programs for the Macintosh (PDF: 65K)
TN #5087
February 14, 1992

PostScript Japanese Font File Organization Overview (PDF: 355K)

TN #5132
December 25, 1992

PostScript 3 Core Font Set Overview (PDF: 31K)

TN #5609
October 9, 1997

Display Postscript System

Display PostScript System: Client Library Reference Manual (PDF: 267K)
April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: Client Library Supplement for X (PDF: 190K)

April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: Global Index to the Display PostScript Reference Manuals (PDF: 93K)

April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: Introduction: Perspective for Software Developers (PDF: 85K)
April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: pswrap Reference Manual (PDF: 141K)

April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: Display PostScript Toolkit for X (PDF: 892K)

April 15, 1993

Display PostScript System: Display PostScript NX Software Concepts and Facilities Release 1.0 (PDF: 227K)
June 1, 1993