Welcome to the Premiere Pro CS4 release 1 Software Development Kit! The SDK contains headers defining the Premiere Pro APIs, sample projects demonstrating integration features, and the SDK Guide documentation. Some of the plug-in types described in this SDK can not only run in Premiere Pro, but also After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth, Media Encoder, and Premiere Elements. On the other hand, the After Effects SDK is the recommended SDK for developing effect plug-ins for Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements.
Premiere Pro CS4 SDK

What's New


The new exporter API replaces the old compiler API as the way to export video, audio, and still images, and to generate preview files. Export is now handled by different processes. So it is important that plug-ins be accessible to all processes, by being installed in the common plug-ins folder.
The new video segments replace the old segments as the way to get information about sequences in the timeline. Rather than the host sending the video segments to the player, the player must request specific details using the Video Segment Suite.
Sequences in the same project can now have different settings. So there is no longer a single editing mode per project. This has affected several APIs, such as the getSettings() callback.
Importers are now loaded and called from a separate process. This has affected several APIs.
There are built-in XMP metadata handlers for known filetypes. These handlers write and read metadata to and from the file, without going through the importer.
The new renderer API provides a way to take over and accelerate rendering of segments. Just as a player can choose which segments to accelerate, so a renderer can choose which segments to accelerate. Renderers may accelerate any segment, in any sequence, in any project.
Effects, transitions, and exporters no longer need to support 8-bit RGB at a minimum. So, for example, an effect can be written to process floating point YUV only.
For further information, see the section What's New in CS4, in chapter 1 of the Premiere_SDK_Guide.pdf.

System and software requirements


  • Windows XP or Vista - Visual Studio .NET 2005
  • Mac OS 10.4.10 or later - XCode 2.4.1
  • Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software to read the PDF documentation


Developer Support


To receive developer support for this particular SDK, opening a case with ASN is unnecessary. Instead, contact Premiere Pro API engineering. SDKs are generally supported for 6 months following the release of the next major version of the SDK.