Welcome to the Premiere Pro CS5 Software Development Kit! The SDK contains headers defining the Premiere Pro APIs, sample projects demonstrating integration features, and the SDK Guide documentation. Some of the plug-in types described in this SDK can not only run in Premiere Pro, but also After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth, Media Encoder, and Premiere Elements. On the other hand, the After Effects SDK is the recommended SDK for developing effect plug-ins for Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements.

What's New
Importers now have access to the resolution, pixel aspect ratio, timebase, and audio sample rate of the source clip from a setup dialog. Custom importers can use a new call to update a clip after it has modified by the user in the setup dialog.
Recorders can now provide audio metering during preview and capture.
Exporters and players can automatically take advantage of GPU acceleration, if available on the end-user’s system. Each project now has a setting for the renderer that the user can choose in the project settings dialog. When renders occur through the Sequence Render Suite or the Playmod Render Suite, they now go through the renderer chosen for the current project. This allows third-party exporters and players to use the built-in GPU acceleration available in the new Mercury Playback Engine.
Exporters and players can now handle any pixel format, with the new Image Processing Suite. Exporters and players that parse segments and perform their own rendering can now call the host for subtree rendering, using the Video Segment Render Suite.
Players can respond to the new field display settings, and play/pause resolution settings, in the Monitor panels.
Video filters, in the Effects panel, can now appear with badges to advertise if they support YUV, 32-bit, and accelerated rendering.
See the section What's New in CS5, in chapter 1 of the Premiere_SDK_Guide.pdf, for further information and 64-bit porting tips.

System and software requirements
Windows Vista 64 or Windows 7 64 - Visual Studio .NET 2008 SP 1 
Mac OS 10.5.7+ and XCode 3.1, or Mac OS 10.6.3+ and XCode 3.2 
Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software to read the PDF documentation 

Developer Support
SDKs are generally supported for 6 months following the release of the next major version of the SDK. The Premiere Pro CS4 SDK is no longer supported by developer support.