Download the Premiere Pro CS5.5 SDK
Macintosh or Windows


Welcome to the Premiere Pro CS5.5 Software Development Kit!  The SDK contains headers defining the Premiere Pro APIs, sample projects demonstrating integration features, and the SDK Guide documentation.  Some of the plug-in types described in this SDK can not only run in Premiere Pro, but also After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth, Media Encoder, and Premiere Elements.  On the other hand, the After Effects SDK is the recommended SDK for developing effect plug-ins for Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements.


What's New

Importers can now support color management, when running in After Effects. Now, even nonsynthetic importers can explicitly provide peak audio data. And a new return value allows an importer to specify that it is dependent on a library that needs to be activated. See additional details of what’s new in the importers chapter.


Players can now support closed captioning. See additional details of what’s new in the players chapter.


Exporters now have a call to request a rendered frame and then conform it to a specific pixel format.  See additional details of what’s new in the exporters chapter.


We have opened up a new Export Controller API that can drive any exporter to output a file in any format and perform custom post-processing operations. Developers wanting to integrate Premiere Pro with an asset management system will want to use this API instead of the exporter API. See the exporters chapter for more details.


A new pair of pixel formats was added to natively support full-range Rec. 601 4:2:0 YUV planar video, both progressive and interlaced: PrPixelFormat_YUV_420_MPEG2_FRAME_PICTURE_PLANAR_8u_601_FullRange and PrPixelFormat_YUV_420_MPEG2_FIELD_PICTURE_PLANAR_8u_601_FullRange.


The Video Segment Suite now provides a new call to retrieve a segment node for a requested time. There are also a few new properties for media nodes: StreamIsContinuousTime, ColorProfileName, ColorProfileData, and ScanlineOffsetToImproveVerticalCentering.


The Sequence Info Suite now provides a call to get the sequence frame rate, which may be useful for effects.


The Image Processing Suite has a new call to set the aspect ratio flag of a DV frame.


System and software requirements


Microsoft Windows Vista 64 or Windows 7 64, and Visual Studio .NET 2008 SP 1


Mac OS

Mac OS 10.5.7 or later and XCode 3.1, or Mac OS 10.6 and XCode 3.2


You will also need Adobe Reader software to read the PDF documentation


Developer Support

For questions on using the SDK to develop a plug-in, please visit the Premiere Pro SDK Forum.


SDKs are generally supported for six months following the release of the next major version of the SDK. The Premiere Pro CS5 SDK is no longer supported by developer support.