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20 February 2013

Get access to detailed technical information about Acrobat and Reader's digital signature functionality here. The information is intended to help developers learn about integrating 3rd party security products, custom plugins, and customized business processes. Integration points include security handlers for LiveCycle policies and password security, digital ID and certificate, and APIs for digital signatures PKCS#11, MSCAPI, JavaScript, as well as others.

Technical Whitepapers

Security for Flash Player Compatible Content in Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 (PDF, 139k)

Get an overview of the security model for Flash Player compatible content playing inside Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

Digital Signatures in the PDF Language (PDF, 351k)

Get the description of digital signature features supported by PDF, how digital signatures are represented in a PDF document, and how they solve the need for trusted documents and signatures.

Guidelines for Developing Cryptographic Service Providers (CSPs) for Acrobat on Windows (PDF, 614k)

Get guidelines, as developers, to develop a Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) for use with Acrobat and Adobe Reader on the Windows® platform. The CSP makes it possible for MSCAPI-compliant applications to access digital IDs through an API.

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