Sample projects

Download a sample project in your My RoboHelp Projects folder and open it from the Starter page. You can explore how various RoboHelp features and best practices are used in the project. For more information, read this article.


EmployeeCare project

The EmployeeCare project is designed to create a Policies and Procedures knowledgebase. Make use of the configured SSLs to generate different types of output.


Salesbuilder project

The Salesbuilder project is designed to create an application Help system. An enhanced style mapping template for printed documentation includes a Word table style and multi-level list style.


Global Site Consult project

The Global Site Consult project is designed for creation, maintenance, and application of project information.

Output of sample projects

Download or view multiscreen HTML5 output

● Multiscreen HTML5 output for the Salesbuilder project: Download (ZIP, 38 MB) 
● Multiscreen HTML5 output for the EmployeeCare project: Download (ZIP, 3.7 MB) 
● Multiscreen HTML5 output for the Global Site Consult project: Download (ZIP, 3.3 MB) 


Download EPUB output

Other resources

Download Salesbuilder AIR app with corresponding CSH Help

This package is an implementation of context-sensitive Help in the Adobe AIR Application output generated from RoboHelp.

Download a general workspace

Extract and copy the .rhs file in your My RoboHelp Projects folder and load the workspace (environment) in RoboHelp. The general workspace has an uncluttered look-and-feel.

Download C++ application with corresponding RoboHelp project

Check out this package to understand the implementation of automated CSH authoring.