by Maxim Levkov

Maxim Levkov
  • Adobe


10 October 2013

Video compression is indeed both an art form and a highly technical process. Many compressionists and website developers responsible for preparing video for web delivery today don’t fully understand the details behind the settings in their encoding software; these details are often hard to find and are often only discussed in scholarly technical papers.

This comprehensive technical whitepaper is intended as a reference guide for those whose aim it is to improve the overall quality of their encoded video, producing the very best quality possible. Best practices, quality control testing techniques, and specific encoding considerations for delivery on the Flash Platform are discussed. While highly technical in nature, it is meant to introduce advanced encoding techniques to those who may not adequately understand what is happening "behind the UI" in their compression software, providing greater insight into the encoding process — and ultimately helping to deliver the very best playback experience.

Read the white paper

Video Encoding Cookbook and Profile Guidelines for the Adobe Flash Platform (PDF, 4.6 MB)

Topics covered

  • Codecs and Container Formats
  • Delivery Protocols
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.x and later
  • Adobe AIR 3
  • Assumptions
  • Transcoding Workflow Setup and Verification
  • Testing Overview
  • Examples of Quality Problems
  • Improving Overall Video Quality
  • Performance