Access prebuilt analytic reports and take advantage of the Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain insight on readers’ engagement with your apps.

DPS analytics tutorials and articles



Updated: DPS Baseline Analytics
Shikha Bhargava (Mar 14, 2014)
An overview of the new and improved Baseline Analytics on the DPS Dashboard Portal. Learn about the available report categories including the new Standard Audience metrics.
Updated: SiteCatalyst DPS Report Guide
Shikha Bhargava (Mar 14, 2014)
Use SiteCatalyst to access your collected data and generate reports that help you analyze client interactions.
Methodology for Standard Audience Metrics included in DPS
Shikha Bhargava (Sep 14, 2013)
An outline of how DPS calculates and presents standardized Audience and Engagement Metrics, which Adobe developed in collaboration with the MPA and the Digital Edition Standardization Initiative (DESI) committee.
Digital Publishing Suite analytics tutorial
Adobe (Jul 15, 2013)
Learn how to create DPS viewer apps that are instrumented for analytics, and run reports and interpret results.
Analyzing DPS Fulfillment Reports using PivotTables
Adobe (Oct 07, 2013)
Learn how to use a spreadsheet pivot table to organize and analyze the raw data of your DPS fulfillment reports.
DPS analytics FAQ
(Jun 06, 2013)
Get answers to your questions about analytics in DPS projects.
Updated: DPS Analytics White Paper
Adobe (May 20, 2014)
Learn how the analytics service can help you optimize your digital publishing suite content for greater business impact.


DPS analytics videos


Standard Audience Metrics in DPS
Colin Fleming (Sep 14, 2013)
Watch a video overview about the new support in DPS for analytics that comply with the MPA Tablet Metrics guidelines.
DPS Analytics: An Introduction
DPS Analytics: An Introduction
Colin Fleming (Aug 14, 2013)
A basic introduction to DPS analytics.
DPS Analytics: SiteCatalyst Basics
Colin Fleming (Aug 14, 2013)
This video is a brief tour of the SiteCatalsyt interface from sign-in to basic controls for the data that's presented in reports and a dashboard.
DPS Analytics: SiteCatalyst Reports & Dashboards
Colin Flemming (Aug 14, 2013)
Learn how to customize SiteCatalyst reports and construct dashboards to better visualize your data.
DPS Analytics: Folio Labels & SiteCatalyst Reports
Colin Flemming (Aug 14, 2013)
Learn how folios, articles, and ads are named and labeled in SiteCatalyst reports.
DPS Analytics: Video Labels & SiteCatalyst Reports
Colin Flemming (Aug 14, 2013)
Learn how video, audio, and Edge Animate files are labeled in DPS Analytics.
DPS Analytics: Overlay Labels & SiteCatalyst Reports
Colin Flemming (Aug 14, 2013)
Learn how to control these labels shown in the SiteCatalyst Overlay ID Report and judge the value of certain report labels.
MAX 2013: The meaning behind the metrics: Analytics in Digital Publishing Suite
Shikha Bhargava (May 08, 2013)
Learn which digital metrics are captured in Digital Publishing Suite apps, how to access the reports in the Adobe Marketing Cloud, and how to interpret the data.