Adobe Flash Professional lets you easily put video on a web page in a format that almost anyone can view. This guide provides an introduction to web video, including information on how to create and publish video on the web. Explore the sections below to dive into whatever topic interests you.
Learn methods for creating and skinning custom media players to get the look and functionality you want.
Follow these best practices and recommended settings for encoding audio and video in a variety of distribution formats.
Read the open F4V/FLV specification that documents file format information for storing media content used to deliver streaming audio and video for playback in Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR.
Achieve successful Flash Player version detection and admin support in a controlled environment.
Learn the basics of publishing video files to the web that download to Flash Player as they play.
Understand the basic principles of delivering and protecting high-demand web videos by streaming to Flash Player.
Produce audio for the web, and incorporate audio content and associated metadata into your projects.
See what cool effects developers have done to work 3D and other visual effects into their video projects.
Make your web video content mobile-friendly by referring to these resources detailing how to play video on mobile devices.