A culture of #AdobeForAll.

At Adobe, we recognize the importance of building a diverse culture not only around race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, and age, but also around background, experience, and ideas. Adobe connects those with similar interests and passions, promotes inclusion, and creates a healthy, fun, and collaborative workplace with the help of our employee networks.

Our seven employee networks connect employees with similar backgrounds and identities to help support underrepresented communities. Watch this video to learn more about how our networks help employees connect, and drive strategic business results through stronger employee attraction, engagement and retention.

Access at Adobe


All about Access at Adobe.
Access at Adobe supports employees who experience illness, injury, disability, or recovery, and those who support others with mental and physical needs.  The employee network aims to make Adobe a safe and accessible workplace for all employees by promoting mental and physical well-being.

What we do.
In addition to bringing together employees to celebrate Disability Awareness Month in October, Access at Adobe also hosts monthly lunch discussions on current events and coping strategies for common challenges. We also participate in events and recruitment efforts with partners Project Hired and Disability:IN.  All employees are welcome to voice their opinions and share ideas on how to make Adobe a better place to work for those experiencing an illness, injury, or disability.  

Hear from a member.
“I think the lunches are really helpful. We share anecdotes and I always feel like my spirits are lifted after those meetings.” — Access at Adobe member, San Francisco

Pride at Adobe


All about Pride at Adobe.
Pride at Adobe brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer+ colleagues and allies to actively make Adobe a more inclusive and supportive workspace, amplify diverse voices, and advocate for equality.

What we do.
In 2019, Pride at Adobe participated in worldwide Pride events throughout the summer, including Pride marches, panel discussions, networking events, and fundraising activities. For the first time, Pride at Adobe participated in Pride marches in Munich, Tokyo, and Toronto. The network group raised over US$20,000 for LGBTQ+ charities and advocacy groups, including Encircle, The Trevor Project, San Francisco Aids Foundation. Pride at Adobe also participated in recruitment activities at the Lesbians Who Tech Conference in San Francisco. In recognition of their commitment, the U.K. Pride at Adobe network received the 2019 LGBTQ+ Network Group 2019 award at the Rainbow Honours awards.

Hear from a member.
“Pride at Adobe is a place for Adobe’s LGBTQ+ employees to engage with our community in a positive and supportive environment so that we can share common experiences and further our mission.” — J. Scott Evans, director, Trademark and AdobeProud executive sponsor

Women at Adobe

Adobe & Women

All about Women at Adobe.

Women at Adobe's mission is to attract, develop, and engage  women  and allies; foster connection and growth; and create an environment that empowers every woman to define and achieve her own success.  

What we do.
Women at Adobe drives numerous networking opportunities for women across the globe and helps offer career development programs for female employees. Women at Adobe leads the Women’s Executive Shadow Program (WESP), which offers female employees a chance experience a day in the life of an executive by shadowing them. The group meets for lunch every month to discuss different issues facing women and to celebrate each other’s achievements, organizes guest speakers and panel discussions with leaders, and participates in non-profit volunteer activities. In March 2020, Women at Adobe celebrated Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day hosting 45+ events across Adobe’s global sites, and published the Adobe WE (Women Executives Leadership) video series, addressing career building insights and advice.  

Did you know?
Adobe was recognized by Comparably as one of 50 Best Companies for Women, as one of Working Mother Magazine’s 100 Best Companies, and was included on the Bloomberg 2020 Gender- Equality Index.

Asian/Pacific Islander at Adobe

Asian Employee Network

All about APIA.
Asian/Pacific Islander at Adobe (APIA) is committed to driving leadership and professional development opportunities, amplifying awareness of diversity of our many cultures, and strengthening ties with all communities.

What we do.
In 2019, APIA hosted a leadership summit with keynote speakers, hands-on workshops, and roundtable discussions. Additionally, APIA hosted a Bamboo Ceiling discussion, Lunar New Year celebration, Asian Community Fair, Diwali bash, local high school shadow days, and more.

Did you know?
Several APIA members and other Adobe employees enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when they traveled abroad to Vietnam and Cambodia to use their skills to benefit local communities.

Black Employee Network at Adobe

Black Employee Network

All about BEN.
The Black Employee Network (BEN) at Adobe is committed to the success of our Black and African American talent at Adobe. Throughout the year, BEN drives programs to recruit, retain, develop, and connect the Black community and allies at Adobe.

What we do.
In addition to monthly meet-ups, the network also sponsors events for Martin Luther King Jr. day and Black History Month, and performances from groups like the Oriki Theater and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. In 2020, to honor Martin Luther King Jr., BEN participated in a San Francisco march and volunteered at the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD). For Black History Month, the network organized a movie screening, non-profit volunteering activities, and celebrations at various Adobe sites.  Throughout the year, BEN hosted career development days with nonprofit organizations Hack the Hood and Girls Inc.; and participated in recruitment activities at the AfroTech conference. 

Did you know?
In recognition of our employees’ passion,  the U.K. Black Employee Network was honored by the Inclusive Tech Alliance (ITA) with an award for Best D&I Activity – Ethnicity in 2019.  

Hispanic and/or Latinx at Adobe

Hispanic and/or LatinX at Adobe

All about HOLA.
Hispanic and/or Latinx at Adobe (HOLA) focuses on recruiting, developing, and retaining Hispanic and Latinx employees within Adobe, while increasing social awareness and support outreach efforts in our local communities. 

What we do.
Throughout 2019, HOLA hosted and participated in a number of activities, including Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations throughout September and October; an event with Jorge Titinger and Pedro Espinoza, the co-authors of “Differences that Make a Difference”; and activities with Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA), Consortium of Latino Employee Organizations (CLEO), and Digital Nest. Additionally, HOLA ran a mentoring program to build the leadership capabilities of Adobe’s Hispanic and Latinx employees in a way that leverages the richness of experience within the community.  

Hear from a member.
“HOLA makes me feel that I belong to a beautiful community that I thought was lost after I migrated to the USA. It makes me feel very proud of our heritage and what we achieve far away from home.” — Paola Gutierrez, international program manager

Veterans at Adobe  

Veterans Employee Network

All about Veterans at Adobe.
Veterans at Adobe is open to all employees and aims to recognize, appreciate, and support veterans, military service members and their families through belonging, awareness, service, and education. Veterans at Adobe is dedicated to helping Adobe veterans leverage their unique skill sets within the company as well as helping improve veterans’ lives inside and outside Adobe.

What we do.
In November 2019, the network celebrated Veteran’s Day by showcasing employees’ inspirations and career journeys on the Adobe Life blog. Network members also participated in recruitment activities with BreakLine, a career preparation organization for transitioning veterans; VetsinTech at The Invasion in Silicon Valley conference; and events throughout the year.  

Did you know?
Veterans at Adobe is the most diverse employee network at Adobe, with members from all six other employee networks represented.

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