Bryan Lamkin

Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media

Bryan is a master of pushing boundaries and driving innovation. He’s led the Photoshop and Creative Suite product lines, held CEO positions at two venture-funded start-ups, and today he guides our Creative Cloud and Document Cloud businesses. People look up to Bryan — and not just because he’s 6 feet 7 inches tall. He is recognized as a skillful, fair leader. He’s also known for his dry wit and is a proud connoisseur of the bad pun. Bryan is a true global citizen. He is still working on his English skills but also speaks French, German, and Spanish, and he is a passionate world traveler. 

Adobe Document Cloud Empowers Enterprises to Transform Digital Enrollment

With Adobe Sign, the Golden State Warriors complete upwards of 40 season ticket membership contracts a day, reducing processing time from weeks to just hours.  Read Bryan’s blog post ›

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