You've carefully built your brand. Keep it safe.

You’ve carefully built your brand. Keep it safe.
You don’t want to see your logo, ad, or brand associated with something hateful or embarrassing. We have a long history of fraud prevention and we help you take a proactive approach to protecting your brand’s equity. Adobe Advertising Cloud lets you take control of your digital advertising campaigns to prevent them from mixing with content and properties that don't align with your brand’s image.
Adobe already meets or is implementing our obligations as a Data Processor. As a Data Processor, we are working toward a single unified service for all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Brand Safety features in Adobe Advertising Cloud.

Site and app level screening

Site and app level screening

A specialized team reviews every site for quality and content to remove any unsafe inventory, such as pirated content, hate speech, extremism, and more.
Contextual targeting

Contextual targeting

Successfully target only the pages with content relevant to your ad. You can also exclude content or specific URLs that are harmful or irrelevant to your brand.
Pre-bid filtering

Pre-bid filtering

Detect and prevent ads from being delivered alongside objectionable content.

Secure and easy brand safety.

As a matter of policy, our Non-Human Traffic (NHT) Credit Program refunds you for impressions identified as suspicious or fraudulent by WhiteOps, a leading third-party verification service, for video and display impressions served on open exchanges — with no action needed on your end.

Protection every step of the way.

Here are four important ways we ensure that your brand has access to the safest and best media placement.
Protection every step of the way.
Fraud Prevention
Start with minimizing non-human traffic. We help ensure that your campaigns are seen by real people through bot traffic detection and blocking.
Brand Safety
After minimizing fraud, we help ensure your ads are running on brand safe content through our multi-layered content and quality screening.
Once brand safety controls are in place, leverage our cross-screen solution and pre-bid optimization to find the most viewable and cost effective ad placements.
Third-Party Integrations
Activate third-party integrations for pre-bid filtering and viewability reporting for an additional layer of media quality.

Maintain control of your brand across all of your inventory.

Open exchange

Open exchange

Centralized access to over one billion auctions per day, globally.
Private deals

Private deals

Streamlined ad serving and RTB-powered decisioning for publisher direct deals.
On demand

On Demand

Single-click access to curated deals from more than 150 premium publishers and TV broadcasters.

We have more than just your brand’s safety in mind.

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