Adobe Analytics: Video

Let your videos provide a stream of insight.

You can capture and analyze all of your video metrics in one place. This helps you know what your viewers are watching and what marketing channels allow video to have the biggest impact. Lastly, you’ll better target content that boosts ad revenue.
Predictive Intelligence
Know who’s watching
Gather video data from all of your channels to understand who’s watching them, how, and when.
360-degree customer analysis
Balance the ad load
Understand the best mix of ad frequency and length so that you’re not leaving revenue on the table or losing viewers.

See what Adobe Analytics: Video add-on can do.

Benchmark video performance across various platforms and devices consistently, using standardized content and ad metrics.
Deeper insights
Gain detailed insights into video and ad engagement from data that captures video interactions in 10-second intervals.
Understand the impact that ad load has on viewer engagement to determine the optimal mix of ad length and frequency.

Democratize data
Share video metrics with syndication partners for greater transparency beyond your properties.
Platform support
Measure video and apps for OTT to get a complete view of engagement and industry trends.

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