AI-powered Emails

Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Campaign analyzes and recommends subject lines and predicts open rates based on length, sentiment, and relevancy.

Say the right thing and customers will respond.

Inboxes are full of emails competing for customers’ attention, and you want all eyes on your subject line. But it can be difficult to find the right thing to say. You’re also tired of taking shots in the dark and would like a way to remove the guesswork out of writing messages that compel customers to click.
Fortunately, with AI-powered emails, you have an abundance of recommended words and phrases at your fingertips that will lead to more opened emails. This can be run on a static, industry-specific model, or a custom model that you train using your own historical email data. You’ll also have the tools you need to predict open rates based on several factors — before the first email ever leaves your outbox.

See what makes it work.

Predictive subject lines
Predict email open rates based on length, sentiment, and relevancy to know what to expect from your next email campaign.

Choose your model
Use Adobe Campaign to train a custom model on your own historical email delivery data. You also can import pretrained models that are specific to certain industries.

Test and analyze subject lines to discover the right model for more meaningful engagements between you and your customers.

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Magnify your open rates.

Learn how AI-powered emails lead to high engagement and delivery data in this article on our Adobe blog.

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Start with your subject lines.

Watch this video tutorial on how Adobe Sensei, our AI and machine learning framework, drives engagement.

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Increase personalization, increase engagement.

Discover the many ways to personalize your email subject lines and build relationships with customers in our documentation.

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See related features.

Email testing

Design A/B email tests using up to three variants to determine the biggest customer impact*.* Then, preview what your email will look like on more than 70 web, mobile, and email clients.

Triggered emails

Automate emails responses from Campaign or integrate with Adobe Analytics to trigger custom remarketing emails based on individual user actions.

Dynamic content

Set up rules to define the different content each customer sees in their email.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.