Show your customers that you know them. All of them.  

Now you can see your customers the way they see themselves — as a unique person with specific needs. And you don’t have to save this special treatment for just a handful customers. Adobe Campaign helps you serve up relevance to every customer across every channel, during the whole journey.

Your email marketing isn’t broken. But it can be better.

Email isn't going anywhere. It's a fundamental channel in a strong cross-channel strategy in any business. Adobe Campaign will help you improve your email marketing with personalized and contextually relevant messages.

Ride along on every customer journey.

No two customers follow the same path to get to you. By identifying customers by their interests, loyalty status, location, and more, Adobe Campaign helps you know who your customers are and the best ways to stay in contact with them from acquisition through retention.

You can’t be everywhere at once.
Marketing automation can.

You don’t have to choose between individually relevant messages or reaching out to the masses. You can do both, with marketing automation driven by Adobe Campaign. Create unique, rules-based campaigns and programs that automate the delivery of relevant content and timely next-best offers.

Turn your multichannel marketing into a unified experience.

Offering a cross-channel experience to your customers can be a real strength — but your different channels must be tightly aligned. With Adobe Campaign, you can easily design, manage, and deliver the kind of highly personalized and synchronized multichannel experiences that your customers want.

“We appreciated that we could expand functionality to accommodate the growth of our strategy. We could start by introducing a first set of tools, and then gradually enhance the solution as our needs and experience grew.”

Moyuro Kudo, Head of Japan Digital Customer Experience, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Campaign can do for your business.