General information

Which products make up the Adobe® Font Folio® family of software?

The Adobe Font Folio family includes:

●    Adobe Font Folio 11.1

●    Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials


How do I choose which Font Folio product is right for me?

See the Font Folio product comparison.


Who should buy Font Folio 11.1?

Font Folio is the ideal type solution for graphic designers, web and video content creators, and business publishers.


Why should I upgrade to Font Folio 11.1?

●    Discover more than 80 new fonts in an expansive library of more than 2,400 fonts — all in OpenType format.

●    Take advantage of updates to the Adobe Type Library. Every font that shipped on Font Folio 11 has been updated and is now up-to-date with the latest version of the OpenType specification.

●    Realize enhanced linguistic support, with new OpenType Pro fonts that support Central and Eastern European languages, as well as several new fonts that support Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Devanagari.

●    Get keyboard layouts for more than 40 Pi fonts

●    Enjoy an updated Type Reference Guide


What fonts were added to Font Folio 11.1?

Over 80 fonts for the following typefaces were added to Font Folio for version 11.1

●    Adobe® Text Pro, Hypatia™ Sans Pro, Kinesis® Pro 3, Trajan® Pro 3 and Trajan Sans Pro (Latin)

●    Myriad® Arabic (Arabic)

●    Adobe Devanagari (Indic)

●    Kazuraki SP2N Light and Ryo® Display PlusN (Japanese)

●    Myriad Hebrew and Myriad Hebrew Cursive (Hebrew)


Why are keyboard layouts included with Font Folio 11.1?

The purpose of creating keyboard layouts for dingbat fonts was to replace obsolete Type 1 (T1) fonts with more current OpenType fonts (OTFs). This was necessary because T1 fonts lack proper Unicode information. Using the keyboard layouts included with Font Folio 11.1, users can replicate keyboard behavior as known from T1 fonts.


Which typefaces have a keyboard layout?

Font Folio 11.1 includes keyboards for Carta®, Cheq™, Giddyup®, Sonata®, Symbol and Adobe® Wood Type®.

Purchasing options

How much does Font Folio 11.1 cost?

●    $2,999 for a 5 pack

●    $4,999 for a 10 pack

●    $8,999 for a 20 pack


How do I order Font Folio 11.1?

You can order Font Folio 11.1 through or an Adobe reseller. To purchase for an organization, we recommend you learn more about Adobe Buying Programs


I own a previous version of Font Folio. How much does it cost to upgrade to Font Folio 11.1?

For information on upgrade pricing, see the Font Folio buying guide.



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