A packing list for digital nomads.

Learn who digital nomads are and what you need to pack to start working from anywhere in the world.

So you want to become a digital nomad? The idea of working while traveling is attractive, but you need to prepare well before you hit the road. Use this digital nomad packing list to make sure you have what you need before you start trotting the globe.

Who digital nomads are.

Before we get into digital nomad gear, let’s briefly look at who digital nomads are. Digital nomads are professionals who use technology to work remotely while traveling in foreign countries. They usually work from public facilities that offer internet connectivity, like libraries, hotel lobbies, coffee shops, and coworking centers.

Have the right mindset.

Every digital nomad needs the right attitude to live on the road. Traveling is fun, but you must also get your job done. When it’s time to work, focus on the task and don’t allow the exotic sights and sounds to distract you.

Pack the essentials.

Keep your passport and visas updated or your travels might come to an abrupt end. Most international travel now also requires health documents, such as vaccination records and COVID-19 test results, so keep them with you at all times.

Get your tech in order.

You’ll need a good laptop and smartphone, and a way to connect to the internet without Wi-Fi. Buy a reliable mobile hotspot, or at least make sure your phone can get you online. Your gear won’t work without power, so ensure you have chargers and electricity outlet adapters. Also, remember to pack all the cords and connectors that make everything work.

Prepare your applications.

Install all the applications and software you need to do your job before you leave. Ensure that your video call, chat, office, and other apps are updated and in working order.

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