It’s simple to split a PDF on a Mac.

Learn how to break up a large PDF into multiple files easily for many types of projects.

You may be in a group that’s been working on a large school project in a PDF. Now that it’s complete, you need to break up the file so that each student can submit their own section. Adobe Acrobat online services makes it easy to separate it into multiple smaller PDFs on your Mac.

How to split a PDF on a Mac.

To start, go to the split a PDF page and click the Select A File button or drag and drop the file to the drop zone. Then, sign in to Adobe, Apple, or Google to continue.

From the page of thumbnails that appears, you can pick up to 19 divider lines to create multiple new PDFs. Zoom in if you need to see more clearly where you’re splitting the file. Now, simply hit Save. You can store the new files in the same Adobe Document Cloud or a new folder. Once stored, you can download, rename, or share the new PDFs.

With the large PDF now split into sections for each group member, everyone can turn in their own part.

There are many other ways to work with PDFs, such as combining these files again after they get evaluated. Depending on who gets the files, you may need to convert some of them to other formats.

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