José Andrés’s PDF menus are mobile-friendly with Liquid Mode in Adobe Acrobat.

With more restaurants switching from print to digital menus, your PDF experience has become a standard part of any meal outside the house.

José Andrés, award-winning chef and entrepreneur, knows his food — and his menus — and he believes PDF menus are the future.

“It’s great that now we have the option to have menus that are digital,” Chef Andrés says. “With a QR code, you get it in your hand, in your phone, in your tablet, in your iPad. I think this is here to stay and this is a good addition.”

Nobody likes trying to read a PDF file that’s difficult to view because it was designed to be printed on legal size paper, not read on a small screen. To read a list of menu items and descriptions, you have to pinch, zoom, and swipe, and then zoom back out to find the appetizers or the cocktail menu — it can be a pain. But with the Adobe Acrobat mobile app, you can get a better reading experience.

Readable menus for everyone.

Liquid Mode in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app automatically optimizes the PDF document layout and text size in real time to fit your screen. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Liquid Mode adds formatting features that help you read documents better on your phone or tablet.

When you’re looking at a menu, instead of pinching, zooming, and scrolling, you can just tap a heading like Starters or Entrees to expand its contents and read each item clearly. That’s because, with Liquid Mode optimization, the PDF will look and feel more like an HTML web page, with a linked outline view or table of contents. And Liquid Mode keeps improving as the technology evolves, so the functionality gets better over time.

Get started with Liquid Mode.

Just follow these steps for a revolutionary mobile reading experience.

  1. Open Acrobat Reader on your mobile device.
  2. Download Jose Andrés’s Jaleo restaurant menu and open it with Acrobat from your phone.
  3. Select the waterdrop icon and check out your reformatted menu.
  4. Scan the menu outline, tap, and quickly find what you want to order.

With Liquid Mode in Acrobat Reader, you can focus on whether to get the bikini de jamón y queso or the flauta de jamón ibérico de bellota instead of pinching and zooming.