How to write a bill of sale for an ATV.

Learn how to write a bill of sale and the information you need to include to help with selling an ATV.

A bill of sale is a legal document that provides information about a transaction, the parties involved, and the item(s) being sold. When selling an ATV, it also acts as the proof of purchase the buyer can use to transfer the title, get registration, or add insurance.

Do you need a bill of sale for an ATV?

A bill of sale is always a good idea for large purchases, especially for motorized vehicles with titles and registrations like ATVs.

Not only does the bill of sale act as the proof of purchase, but it also clarifies all the transaction details between the buyer and seller to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Information to include in an ATV bill of sale.

The more descriptive your bill of sale, the less risk of any future confusion. When dealing with an expensive purchase like an ATV, you don’t want to leave any part of the process to chance. Your ATV bill of sale should include every detail about the transaction, including:

As with many legal documents, once the details are finalized, both parties need to provide their signatures to not only show their approval but to also make the document legal.

Make your ATV transaction fast and easy.

To make it easier on both parties, create your bill of sale digitally and get online signatures with software like Adobe Sign. That way, neither party needs to take the time to meet in person or deal with printers and scanners. You can both sign the bill of sale remotely and legally with the click of a button.

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