How to write a business trip proposal.

Learn how to write a business trip proposal that will get approved quickly so you can organize and confirm company-related travel.

There are many reasons to take business trips. You can attend conferences, visit other company locations, or just go on a team-building retreat. Of course, you won’t be going anywhere without your company’s approval. That’s where a business trip proposal comes in.

What’s a business trip proposal?

A business trip proposal is a document designed to convince management to let employees leave the office for work-related travel and to cover all (or at least most) of the travel expenses.

What to include in a business trip proposal.

If a business is going to pay for an employee’s trip, there needs to be a good reason. That’s why it’s important to include all the trip details (plus, a little persuasion), so the company can determine if it’s worth the investment.

Be sure to include at least the following information in your business trip proposal:

If you make a strong enough case, management will sign off on the business trip proposal so that you can finalize travel plans for yourself and your colleagues.

How to get faster business trip approvals.

To make sure there aren’t any miscommunications down the road, it’s best to get a signature on any business trip proposal. Once signed, it means you have the approval needed to not just propose the trip, but to confirm the details.

To make it easy to approve business trip proposals, use an e-signature software like Adobe Sign. Your manager can add their legal signature with the click of a button right from their computer or nearly any mobile device.

Explore what more you can do with Adobe Sign to make creating and approving business trip proposals fast and easy.