What are esignature workflows?

Learn how esignature workflows can help your business with its recurring document collation and signature-collecting tasks.

For businesses that want to tailor and automate their document-signing processes, esignature workflows are your new best friend. An esignature workflow customizes how you collect esignatures for your documents: from who receives specific forms to what documents should be included in certain batches.

Ways you can customize your esignature workflow.

Esignature workflows help you eliminate common mistakes in document collation and signing, such as important pages left out of a document stack. An esignature workflow can also save your business considerable time usually spent on tedious tasks like collating documents for signing and sending them to the correct recipients.

See below for some specific examples of how you can customize your esignature workflow to serve your business:

Create document packages for a variety of common, recurring business functions, including new hires, new clients, contract renewals, and so on.

Assign different roles to different recipients (signer, approver, and so on) and route documents to the right recipients in the right order.

Set up reminders and alerts to let different recipients know it’s time for them to sign their specific documents.

By customizing and automating your esignature workflow, you can get documents signed, verified, and approved faster than ever.

Esignatures help you complete regular business functions faster.

By using esignatures and customized esignature workflows, you can save countless hours that you’d otherwise spend setting up document signings and chasing down reviews and approvals. Find out how you can do more for your business with Adobe Sign.