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The Adobe Creative Residency empowers talented individuals to spend a year focusing on a personal creative project, while sharing their experience and process with the creative community. Adobe is proud to introduce the 2017 residents — up and coming creative leaders who are eager to share their creativity with others.
Craig Winslow

Jessica Bellamy

A designer from Louisville, Kentucky, Jessica Bellamy tells visual and personalized stories using data. In her work driving social change through design, she partners with nonprofits and community groups to creating compelling materials that break down complex customer, service and policy information. During her residency, Jessica will be trying new approaches in her creative process and execution of her designs as well as encouraging the creative community to support and promote working with nonprofits.
Sara Dietschy

Chelsea Burton

A graphic designer from Erie, Pennsylvania, Chelsea Burton is using her residency to apply her passions for street art, skate board-smithing, and design to develop a line of longboards showcasing her unique artwork. Through her digital art and longboards, she represent subjects that are important to her — the public perception of female strength, individuality, sustainability, product quality, and the functional and accessible application of art. Through her residency year, Chelsea be sharing the different stages of her work flow and creative process from digital graphics and illustration into the production of wood decks.





Syd Weiler

Rosa Kammermeier

Rosa Kammermeier is a graphic designer and lettering artist from Munich, Germany. Her project for the residency is the Walk of Happiness, in which she’ll be lettering messages of positivity on retail windows to create a city treasure hunt. Her messages will be linked and made accessible on a city map and on a website. Rosa hopes to capture the attention of people in their daily, consumer-oriented lives and make them stop, smile and think while discovering new aspects and areas of their city. She wants to challenge herself to improve her own skills while thinking and driving impact on a bigger scale.
Syd Weiler

Aundre Larrow

Brooklyn, New York-based photographer, Aundre Larrow will spend his residency working on a series of projects that explore the diverse range of people across the United States and their daily lives, challenges and perspectives. His main project, Echo Chamber, is a snapshot of America through the eyes of its residents, and his challenge will be to learn how to create impactful visual imagery to fully tell the story of the people and places he visits. Aundre will be capturing photographs, making video content for the first time, and sharing his process  as he learns how to work in this new medium. His goal for the Residency is to make longer-form storytelling about unheard and less represented voices his primary work.


Christine Herrin

Natalie Lew

An interaction designer and recent graduate, Natalie Lew of Seattle is passionate about the intersections of design and philosophy. Her interdisciplinary background in design inspires her residency project, in which she’ll create a toolkit of resources to make user experience design more accessible and available to the creative community.  She plans to start a design studio in the future, so she’ll challenge herself to learn more about working in individual and group settings while constantly receiving and improving based on feedback.

Explore Natalie's portfolio ›
Syd Weiler

Julia Nimke

Julia Nimke is a Berlin-based German photographer who’s passionate about nature, traveling and unique types of cultural storytelling. For her residency year, she plans to explore and document places and cultures in Europe tied to folk tales. She will try out different photography styles throughout the year and share what she learns with the community. Julia will challenge herself to combine video and photos to create compelling and visual stories. Her goal is to have her work inspire people to stay curious and open-minded when they experience unknown places and different cultures.


How the Residency works.

Adobe Creative Residents receive access to the best creative tools and resources, along with guidance from advisors and a compensation package. In return, each resident proactively pursues a personal creative project, while sharing their process, insights and inspiration with the community along the way. For more info, view the program’s FAQ.


Considering being a Creative Resident?

We will begin accepting applications for the upcoming program year in January 2018. You can prepare in advance by reading articles from our residents Syd Weiler, Christine Herrin and Becky Simpson.
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