Attract your customers’ attention. Then keep it.

High tech is a fast-changing industry where the fight for relevance can hinge on identifying creative ways to differentiate your organization. We help you gather, measure, and optimize rich data that’s relevant to technology marketing and quickly turn it into smart and personal experiences for your customers.

Be as good at mobile as your customers are.

High tech customers are tech savvy and have adopted mobile into their daily routines. Make your mobile experience consistent, location aware, and relevant — all in real time.


Be the signal above the noise.

Separate yourself from your competition by offering a personal and consistent experience, no matter which path your customers take to your brand.

Multiple channels. One amplified experience.

Please your customers by managing and delivering fluid experiences as they move back and forth between online and offline channels.


Convert data into power.

Combine data from all of your sources and develop predictive models to better inform your goals and understand your customers.

Learn more about the tech marketing success of our customers.


Lenovo uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain a complete picture of the company’s sales cycle.

SAP uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to create high-impact experiences that increase conversion.

The global biotech company drives revenue by optimizing keyword search strategies.