Managed Services: Cloud Platform Hosting

It turns out you can predict success.

It turns out you can predict success.

Let our Managed Services help you achieve your goals.

Make cloud platform hosting, Adobe support, and best-in-class tools part of your investment in Adobe Experience Manager.

Reduce time to market.

When we help you set up Experience Manager, you’ll be poised to offer ideal experiences to your customers sooner.

Increase ROI.

You’ll shorten your time to market, reduce product costs, and focus more on engaging customers and driving market share.

Streamline the IT workload.

Let us simplify day-to-day IT tactical activities, so they can better support marketers and customers.

Managed Services with end-to-end advantages.


Flexible system configurations
Use a cloud platform and an automated infrastructure to set up and manage Experience Manager, based on your needs.
Fully supported IT management
We'll provide a named point of contact to your account along with 24x7 monitoring and support.
State-of-the-art application security
Like you, we have much at stake when it comes to security. We employ industry best practices, firewalls, and backup systems for your peace of mind.
Easy change management
Maintain the stability of your application with a step-by-step process for responding to emerging issues while providing flexibility for those who need continuous integration.


We handle the small day-to-day. You focus on the big picture.

See how Adobe Managed Services lets you make the most of Adobe Experience Manager so you can build amazing customer experiences.
Ready. Set. Go-live.


Ready. Set. Go-live.

Learn about everything we do to ensure you successfully deploy and customize Adobe Experience Manager. Watch the video, Onboarding and Go-Live with Managed Services.


We keep you going — long after going live.

Deployment is just the beginning. Our team will continue to work closely with yours so every experience performs flawlessly. Get the details with Production and Event Management with Managed Services.
Ready. Set. Go-live.

Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use cases for best practices in Managed Services.