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Adobe Experience Manager 6.3


This latest release of Adobe Experience Manager has been centered on the idea that great content is the fuel for digital experiences. Innovations have been focused on helping organizations using Experience Manager to:
  • Accelerate innovation by driving efficiencies in established channels to free up teams for emerging areas of digital transformation.
  • Deliver real-time and personalized experiences by streamlining the sourcing and management of assets at exponential scale.
  • Engage customers everywhere by delivering experiences to owned, earned and paid touch points.
Faster Time-to-Value: Adobe has introduced production-ready responsive components and a reference responsive site to accelerate implementation of core web projects. The new Forms data integration tool simplifies form integrations with back-end applications and data.
Real-time Assets at Greater Scale: Improvements to the projects area of Experience Manager enable greater team collaboration with calendar views, task inbox, workflow progress visualization, and improved user and group management. There is also enhanced Creative Cloud integrations and added rapid sourcing of user generated content from social channels to give teams an endless supply of content. This will streamline the collaboration for one or many of digital experience initiatives.
Fluid Experiences: As demand for content explodes, Experience Manager has new capabilities to ensure content and experiences can flow fast across owned, earned and paid touch points with fluid experiences. Adobe has made this possible with the introduction of experience fragments and content services. Valuable insights and intelligence is surfaced within Experience Manager through innovations powered by the machine learning and AI framework of Adobe Sensei.
Adobe continues to make security a priority with leading security certifications for the AEM Managed Services offering and security features such as the SSL setup wizard.
Take a look at what’s new and improved.

Experience Manager Sites


Experience Fragments
Compose and deliver experience fragments that include both content and layout destined for various  channels that can be either managed either from within or independent of Experience Manager. Now, you can better control the look and feel of the experiences you design, whether your brand content appears on your owned web properties, or affiliated properties, like Pinterest and Facebook. 
Content Fragments
Content fragments enables authoring in a more modular and abstracted fashion, where  content delivery is not bound to channel. Sites now automatically creates different versions of your content, and allows you to synchronize variations of the same text and any associated mixed media everywhere — across all pages, all channels, all devices — whenever content fragments were reused.
Production-ready components
Go live faster with Adobe-vetted, production-ready components that can dramatically reduce development time. Curated with best practices in mind, these components provide a solid start to digital foundation projects without having to recode or customize your own.
Activity maps
Integrate with Adobe Analytics, and bring analytics overlays and activity maps right inside the Experience Manager authoring environment. See the variables and KPIs set for your content — like clicks, downloads, and time spent—so you can easily measure and optimize digital experiences as you create them.
Bulk workflow actions for productivity
Enhancements to the Experience Manager workflow engine makes workflow-related tasks faster and more efficient. Now, you can select multiple assets, a  tree of content, or even an entire section, and send it to a workflow with just one click.

Experience Manager Assets


Performance and scale enhancements
Empower your teams to work more productively with a broad range of enhancements that allow you to support even larger scale operations — including bulk ingestion, workflow processing, video processing and encoding, handling large files, repositories, and more.
Experience Manager Desktop app
The desktop app now makes accessing, check in/out processes, and uploading large numbers of assets and complex folder structures seamless — especially when used with Creative Cloud apps. So users working with remote files, while simultaneously handling network data transfer operations in the background, will have a better local desktop experience.
Collaboration and workflow enhancements
Improvements to projects in Experience Manager include more collaborative calendar views, tasks inbox, workflow progress visualization, and improved user and group management. A new side-by-side asset comparison viewer that allows you to comment and annotate in multiple colors. And now, you can check assets in or out assets while making changes to ensure version control and prevent redundant work. You can also generate PDFs for offline review, with an option to print comments and annotations selectively.
3D assets
Repurpose 3D Assets to accelerate time to market and save on production costs. And upload, manage, view, and render 3D content created from Creative Cloud or many popular 3D applications. Easily rotate, zoom, change colors, textures, backgrounds (stages), and lighting on 3D objects to create a new set of images from an infinite number of camera angles to use in endless digital marketing campaigns.
Asset templates
Any team member can now use self-service templates — based on Adobe InDesign — to create single or multipage brochures, flyers, and print ads, speeding time to market while complying with brand guidelines.
Smart tags moderation
Significantly improve your content reuse, and reduce content creation cost, with Adobe Sensei powered auto-tagging. The latest improvements empower users to manage Smart Tags and boost relevant assets higher up in search results.
Multilingual enhancements
Streamline localization efforts with the ability to translate a source file along with derived file, translate linked assets within InDesign files, and translate associated assets within Experience Manager Content Fragments.
Higher-quality file format and color management
Experience Manager now uses Photoshop and Acrobat-quality image and PDF libraries to support higher-quality file operations such as conversion, previewing, raster, and creating thumbnails. Preserve color space and embedded color profiles using Adobe ICC profiles or your own. Deliver images with RGB, CMYK or grayscale color profiles, so your digital assets are bright and beautiful across channels.
Viewer designer
Create custom rich media viewers, fast and more frequently, without involving engineers or messing with code. Edit the look, feel, and functionality directly from an intuitive interface, including changes to button graphics, backgrounds, borders, and various visual effects to increase engagement and conversion.
Metadata and search enhancements 
Enable teams to find assets quickly with new out-of-the-box IPTC and IPTC extension tabs that improve user visibility.

Experience Manager Forms


Simplified integration with backend and third party applications
Easily configure and connect to multiple business applications with the new intuitive visual interface for creating a Form Data Model. Build forms using a JSON-based schema that allows you to represent multiple business entities. Accelerate time-to-value with new relational database, REST and SOAP services, and out-of-the-box connectors.
Enhanced integration with Adobe Sign
Extend e-signatures to multiple signers, including sequential and parallel signing scenarios. Allow verification for anonymous signers via authentication from email, phone, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Knowledge base sources. Other enhancements include support for OAUTH implementation and a workflow step for Sign e-signatures.
Business-friendly authoring
Create new forms faster than ever with easy drag-and-drop authoring for business users. Even complex input types like HTML5 and CAPTCHA are now available. Users can also assign rules and role-based access controls such as dynamic field display — all without writing code.
Easily scale across multiple brands and channels
Create consistent form and document experiences across channels with enhancements to the documents of record and theme editor. And now, you can manage branding configurations, create reference base templates, translate form content, integrate to Web fonts, and create forms based on JSON schema data.
Add workflows fast for lower total cost
Build form workflows with less set-up time less need for extra processing servers. Now, the Forms dashboard leverages the Experience Manager Inbox to initiate and manage user-centric form applications. And you can easily add steps for document services and digital signatures with Adobe Sign.
Mobile forms support extended
Get the Forms app, now available on iOS and Android smartphones in addition to iOS, Android and Windows tablets, and enjoy support for HTML5 input type, voice, and stylus input for adaptive form data capture and adaptive form sets.
Updated document security
Expanded to support Office 2016 as well as authentication for Office Extension, Forms now lets you index DRM-protected Office documents in Experience Manager. You can also extend document protection rights on behalf of another user, so users who set-up document protection rights won’t automatically have read-rights on protected documents.
Improved correspondence management
Enhancements to the text editor improve usability and support for correspondence management in the HTML workspace.

Experience Manager Communities


Global and nested community experiences
Create, manage and organize nested community experiences in multiple languages with a range of membership options, such as public or private, and delegate management and moderation roles to trusted community members.
Email integration and predictive search
Make it easy for users to discover information that matters with predictive and suggestive search, and keep them engaged with email notifications about content and members they follow, using support for email-based replies.
Data science powers deeper insights and connections
Use new and advanced rules, powered by data science, to help detect, identify with badges, and promote community evangelists and experts.
Highlight and re-use the best ideas and community content
Crowdsource ideas from the community with the new ideation function, and then highlight the best content with featured content options. You can also re-purpose member-contributed content — like blogs or forum posts — as fluid content fragments that can be easily re-used in other Experience Manager experiences, like in Sites or Mobile.
Enhanced spam control and storage options
Improved spam and flood control options as well as new support for database storage — in MySQL, for example — extends beyond existing MongoDB and on-demand options for Community content to ensure the health and vibrancy of your community.

Experience Manager Livefyre

Assets integration
Livefyre integrates with Experience Manager Assets. Now, you can easily search for the best social content on the web, directly within the Assets interface, and store both user-generated content and brand-created content in a single place. Livefyre’s rights request workflow has been built into Assets as well, making it easy to get explicit rights, and removing the legal worries of working with user-generated content. You can also pull Livefyre social content from Assets in and out of Creative Cloud for editing purposes, accelerating asset creation.
Full Experience Manager compatibility with all Livefyre components
Easily implement any one of the thirteen components within Livefyre to your owned digital properties to drive engagement. Reviews, Storify 2, Media Upload, Trending, and Polls are now fully compatible with Experience Manager, so using any Livefyre component is now drag-and-drop easy.
Enhanced mobile capabilities
Drag-and-drop any Livefyre component into Experience Manager Mobile to build more engaging mobile app experiences. You can add user-generated content and engagement across any device, and source new content from users directly from your mobile phone.
Enhanced live event coverage capabilities
Adding Livefyre components to Experience Manager Screens can help you bring the power of user-generated content to live events.
UGC commerce offering
Choose to integrate your product catalog information, including SKUs, thumbnail images, prices, and product names, to make the connection between UGC and your product inventory seamless.