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Te ayudamos a innovar desde cero y a perfeccionar tu experiencia para que no sea solamente valiosa para los clientes tecnológicos, sino también irreemplazable. Lo hacemos ayudándote a crear una base digital sólida, a tomar decisiones según la inteligencia del cliente y a presentar una experiencia relevante y personal en todos los canales.

Te ayudamos a tratar las oportunidades de marketing exclusivas de la alta tecnología


Innovation starts with the right foundation.

If you’re going to assemble an innovative experience to your customers, start with the right footings — a robust and powerful digital foundation. Feed all your data and content into a single platform that allows you to deliver experiences efficiently and share insights across your organization for everyone’s benefit. Finally, use technology and partners to automate and offload anything that’s keeping you from improving the customer experience.

Deliver value because your data’s always current.

Offering value is an ongoing process, not a one-time achievement. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you’re always dealing with real people. And people change over time and under new circumstances. Because of this, you want their profiles to reflect those changes so you have the most up-to-date information available to generate more relevant recommendations and experiences.


Each customer’s journey is different. Cater to all of them.

The buying experience in tech involves a lot of channels. From web to mobile, social to email, search to display, tech customers will use all of them, and in different ways. Let us provide you a complete view of each person’s journey, help you synchronize your data, content, and channels, and give you what you need to customize and personalize each customer’s experience.

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Lenovo uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to gain a complete picture of the company’s sales cycle.

SAP uses Adobe Marketing Cloud to create high-impact experiences that increase conversion.