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We know that email is critical to your marketing efforts, but it’s not always easy to execute. Use the resources on this site to improve your program and reach your customers with more relevant and effective email campaigns.

Read the latest in email marketing.

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As you take email marketing to the next level, it helps to know where you are today. See which of these email marketing strategies work for you.


You focus on the fundamentals, including list growth, segmentation, reactivation, personalization, cross-sell and loyalty email programs.


You’re incorporating digital channel insights, triggering emails based on consumer behavior and delivering more responsive and dynamic content made for mobile devices.


You’re using contextual data to serve real-time email content such as location, date and time, and preferences to deliver helpful and compelling experiences.

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Traditional ESPs Aren’t Cutting it.

Read our report that tells you why traditional ESPs limit you with expensive services and outdated strategies. See how you can get so much more with the help of Adobe Campaign.

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