Search&Promote: Site Search Engine


Display exactly what your visitors want.

Make it easy for visitors to browse your site, find relevant content, and compare products. With the Search&Promote capability, you can suggest merchandise and offers to them based on the pages they’ve visited and the terms they’ve searched. Adobe Target makes it easy to promote the right content — so you can quickly boost engagement and sales.

Features of Search&Promote.

Broad site search
Features in this enterprise-class SAAS solution — such as auto-complete and “Did you mean?” — allow visitor searches to be interpreted or corrected to deliver the right results.
Algorithm control
In this user-friendly interface, you choose what data to index, how to weigh each index, and how to optimize search results based on the metrics that matter most to you.
Precise result promotion
Specify which results to display, when to display them, and how they should be positioned, such as pinning the newest article at the top.
Geolocation search
Use geolocation data to provide nearby results, such as a site visitor’s proximity to a nearest location.
Personalized search results
Adobe Target integration personalizes search results for different segments, so every customer gets unique and relevant search results.
Self-learned optimization 
By integrating with Adobe Analytics, Search&Promote self learns to optimize search results based on any analytics metrics you determine.

Real-world search success.

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