See what Adobe Target is made of.

Adobe Target is made specifically for marketers with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, real-time results, and automation features. Optimize your websites, mobile sites, and apps in ways that lead your customers to convert and come back.


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See what Adobe Target is made of.

Market-leading capabilities.


Learn more about Adobe Target capabilities that will help you optimize and personalize activities.


A/B testing

A/B testing

Easily set up and run concurrent tests to quickly determine the best offers, messaging, and content sequences.

Automated personalization and behavioral targeting

Automated personalization and behavioral targeting

Automate the targeting of content to individual visitors using a self-learning algorithmic approach.

Mobile app optimization

Mobile app optimization

Reengage your mobile app users through experience testing and location-based targeting.

Marketer-driven targeting

Use preset or customized rules to target content to a specific audience, including those defined by visitor location.

Multivariate testing

Understand the most impactful elements and best recipes for delivering real-time targeted content.

Targeted recommendations and cross-selling

Automatically deliver content and product recommendations using historical and affinity data.

Intuitive workflow

Quickly set up testing and targeting with built-in best practices using easy, step-by-step instructions. Create unlimited variations of content directly on your sites.

Real-time audiences

Use Adobe Marketing Cloud profile management service to create a single, actionable profile from unified visitor IDs and data across solutions. Share audiences between solutions with the check of a box.

Analytics-enhanced reporting

Select Adobe Analytics as the reporting source in Target so you can automatically sync visitor data and activity insights, target to custom segments, and filter test results at a granular level.

Mobile site targeting

Personalize your mobile experiences and target mobile audiences to deliver the relevant content your customers expect.

Search-driven merchandising

Manage and promote personalized and relevant content based on how visitors are navigating through your site.

Adobe Target services

Learn best practices and proven strategies and get other industry-leading support from Adobe consultants.

What's new in Adobe Target?

What’s new in Adobe Target?


New Adobe Target capabilities make testing and targeting faster and easier.

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