Content marketing captivates, educates, and informs your audience.

Your brand story falls flat without engaging content. But creating content that consistently engages your audiences is  a tall order — especially with limited resources. Your organization needs to have the post-creation tools in place to assemble and publish the relevant, personalized experiences necessary to elevate their content marketing campaigns and drive conversion.
Content marketing represents one of the most trustworthy and authentic ways for brands to interact with their customers. Digital assets such as images, text, and video are used to tell an engaging and relevant story about your brand. However, the expectation of personalized content ensures that marketers are constantly under pressure to provide rewarding and delightful experiences at a faster pace, and with greater precision, than ever before. Businesses say they need ten times the assets to create these new experiences, but struggle to reduce the cost of producing and serving those assets.
While it’s important to deliver consistent, personalized experiences across all of your marketing channels, you must do it efficiently. The volume, speed, and variety of content required to appeal and connect with multiple, global audiences is mind-blowing. So managing the amount of content you need to keep your story relevant requires solutions that empower your team to quickly build and deploy consistent digital experiences for the screens and devices your audiences use.
To ensure your efforts are both efficient and effective, a deeply integrated content marketing solution should include tools for asset creation, management, delivery, and data-driven optimization. You may have several teams that need to collaborate and work with various digital assets during a marketing campaign. And there are probably a lot of creative assets to manage.
Without the capabilities to centrally store and distribute assets, the connected workflows to guide assets from creation to approval, the technology to ensure assets behave consistently across devices, and the analysis to effectively gauge ROI, developing your content marketing campaigns will be a fragmented experience. A marketing solution like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) can help produce seamless, rewarding campaigns.
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Deploy content faster with templates, creative fragments, and publishing options.
The speed, volume, and variety of content you must deliver to establish your brand story is mind-boggling. You don’t always have time to build content from the ground up. With centralized and easily accessible assets in Adobe Experience Manager, you can quickly create new content templates for publishing.
Use drag-and-drop functionality to create ready-to-use templates for any channel. Utilize three user-friendly modes — structure, content, and layout — to help build the templates you need to quickly create content marketing assets.
To make things even more convenient, the Continuous Launches feature gives you ultimate control over what content should be published according to urgency, importance, and deadline. You’re able to publish relevant content staged at different points along the customer journey to maximize engagement
Using fluid content, you can create and control templates in a free-form and modular way, enabling content to flow seamlessly from one channel to another. A simple authoring toolset allows you to create content fragments in their raw form to add, edit, or delete text content across all delivery channels at once, drastically improving the speed of publication.
Test content and target audiences for maximum results.
Content marketing isn’t just about creating volumes of content. You need to find the right mix of content, delivered at the right time to the right audiences. With the combined power of Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Audience Manager, and Adobe Target, you can automatically populate an entire digital experience with relevant and personal content, targeted for your most interested audiences.
These tools help you test your content for performance while creating and managing responsive audiences directly from the Experience Manager interface. Adobe Target allows you to test multiple versions of a campaign using content housed in Experience Manager, and provide predefined business metrics to help you target effectively across all your channels. Additionally, the quantifiable feedback from Adobe Analytics helps you quickly discover which asset combinations perform best based on real-time data.
Pull authenticated content from anywhere.
Getting a solid ROI from your content marketing resources means publishing as much engaging content as possible without having to reinvent the wheel. With Omni-search Experience, you’re able to search across the entirety of your assets to find the content you need. Search suggestions help refine your search query to get to results faster.
Finding your content is also easy. Adobe Experience Manager Assets provides smart search capabilities which automatically add relevant metadata to assets. You can find results quickly, and spend less time tagging. For example, designers can use Similarity Search to find images that have similar qualities.

The content you publish doesn’t have to come directly from your creative team.

The content you publish doesn’t have to come directly from your creative team. A content management system such as Adobe Experience Manager allows you to repurpose authenticated, user-generated content that’s already being shared in social channels.
Adobe Livefyre can bake in authentic, community-driven content to your content marketing campaigns. You’re able to gain instant access to billions of content pieces created by both social media influencers and your fans. By infusing user-generated content into your campaigns, you can deliver authentic, trustworthy content, created by your best customers and brand ambassadors.
Build communities to strengthen brand loyalty.
Your content marketing strategy should not be focused solely on sales conversions. You can also use your content to build a community of brand loyalists. Adobe Experience Manager Communities helps the people who are important to your business stay current with your brand story, letting you inform and educate while improving engagement.
With Adobe Experience Manager Communities, you can create shared community experiences that include forums, user groups, learning resources, and other social features that are valuable to customers, employees, and your brand. Followers can share experiences with each other, communicate with your customer satisfaction reps, provide valuable feedback, and influence your brand decisions. AEM Communities gives you the content templates, wizards, and user-friendly authoring tools to quickly create communities by:
  • Building learning paths — Use the site creation wizard to build learning paths for different audiences and help them identify their assignments and learning progress.
  • Allowing peers to share — Encourage knowledge exchange within and among peer groups, allowing experts to build and share content.
  • Creating targeted catalogs — Customized catalogs with intuitive tagging help community members quickly find the learning resources they need.
Know if your content marketing is working.
To improve content marketing results, you have to know what’s working and what isn’t. Analytics inform your content marketing campaigns. The Asset Insights feature, for example, allows you to discover which assets are used most often. You can track performance down to an individual asset, including where it’s currently published and which elements are driving the highest engagement and conversion. Monitor the customer experience from point-of-contact to post-purchase activity.
By using data provided by Adobe Analytics, marketers can pinpoint which content drives the most conversion then remarket and repurpose that content, which in turn helps keep costs down. With Adobe Experience Manager, you’re able to respond quickly to these insights without a huge marketing team, allowing smaller teams to deliver similar transformational experiences as their larger competitors.
Once the most effective content is defined, you can boost campaign performance by automating the search for high-performing assets and reusing them elsewhere or by using the effective assets to inspire future campaign creation.
With the comprehensive toolset provided by Adobe Experience Manager and other products from Adobe Experience Cloud, you’re able to monitor interactions with content, communities, and individuals. You can identify and respond to trends quickly to improve content relevance, maximize your content marketing channels, and drive bottom-line conversion.

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Content management helps define your brand's story and deliver the most engaging and rewarding experiences. Managing your content has never been easier or more efficient than with Adobe Experience Manager. From content creation to delivery and optimization, you can take control of creating the most compelling experiences.