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Open the doors to a dazzling campaigns.
The Burj Khalifa — the world’s tallest building — opened in January 2010, fascinating the world with a stunning display of fireworks, light beams, choreographed water displays, sound effects, and music. The world watched as the newest pinnacle of human achievement was unveiled, towering 2,717 feet over Dubai. After years of waiting, the public could finally enjoy the captivating experiences waiting within.
You don’t need to plan an expensive fireworks display, but your campaigns should be just as spectacular and meaningful. Once you build an effective campaign, you can give your customers an experience they’ll never forget.
Let’s look at an example of a campaign that drives loyalty, featuring a fictitious tech company called We.Tech.
We.Tech is having trouble gaining new customers for their video conferencing software, so they need a campaign to target and acquire new users — and keep them engaged.
To do this, We.Tech outlines a campaign timeline, analyzing their data and preparing ads aimed at their target profiles — in this case, business professionals who may be looking for video conferencing software.
After the ads go out, a prospective customer, a marketing manager named Jane, searches for video conferencing software. She sees a paid link advertising this software for new users. Though Jane has never used We.Tech before, she clicks the link, which leads to We.Tech’s site. We.Tech’s web analytics identifies Jane as a first-time visitor and captures her data, like location, operating system, browser, and more. Jane reads about the product, decides to think about it, and closes the site.
We.Tech’s marketing software identifies Jane as a part of the target segment and adds her to a retargeting audience pool. When they were setting up the campaign, the marketing team created a set of personalized ads, this time with a “trial sign-up” offer, to help them reach customers just like Jane.
Later, Jane browses the web, where she sees this new personalized offer for a free trial. While she isn’t sure the software is what she needs, she thinks a trial might help her decide, so she clicks the link. This sends her to a personalized page that includes special promotions or discounts for the software. Jane signs up, agrees to the trial, and exits the site.
With this new data, We.Tech can target her once more with ultra-personalized ads across multiple channels — all with the goal that Jane signs up for a full subscription.
Once Jane subscribes, the team can analyze her entire customer journey across channels and determine which specific activities impacted Jane’s decision to sign up. They can combine these insights with third-party data to target larger, look-alike audiences with similar characteristics to Jane. Because they’ve automated this process, they can offer similar experiences at scale.  
Campaigns like this can lead to a significant increase in customer acquisition and can help mitigate churn. They create engaging experiences throughout the customer journey that foster loyalty and increase conversion. And, best of all, they decrease cost per lead, helping companies like We.Tech become more profitable.
Of course, this is just an example. You should feel empowered to build the right campaign for your company — one that gives your customers a seamless experience from start to finish. When done right, customers are more inclined to remain loyal.
Build valuable campaigns.

















As impressive as the Burj’s exterior is, its inner workings are what make the building possible. With careful planning and innovation, the construction team overcame several obstacles to build the massive structure that now towers over Dubai.
Building engaging campaigns can sometimes feel just as daunting. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it seems. There are three main steps that help you launch the perfect campaign — plan, execute, and automate and measure.
Detailed and audience-specific campaigns require careful planning — you need to understand your vision for them. Both your customers’ and company’s objectives should guide this vision, and to start planning it, you must bring all your data into one place and analyze it. Then you can build customer profiles, segment audiences, and create content for your offers.
The campaigns you design should be just as detailed and audience specific. And you must understand what the vision for your campaign is, so you can start building one that will nurture a customer from start to finish.
Careful planning breeds deliberate execution. You must target audiences based on the customer profiles you’ve built and deliver personalized content to them. Truly successful campaigns send offers specific to where a customer is in their journey, whether they’re brand new, finishing their trial, or currently subscribing. You can meet them where they are by using the audience data from your planning to deliver personalized ads across channels.
Automate and measure.
As your customer pool grows and you gain huge amounts of data, you’ll realize that automation is essential. People are sending and receiving massive amounts of data. It’s impossible for human teams to analyze that data, but automation lets data flow freely into your unified digital platform and quickly report back comprehensive views of your campaigns' effectiveness. With these capabilities, you can repeat the campaign cycle endlessly, increasing signups, subscription, and loyalty.
Create valuable campaign experiences. 

















Today, locals, tourists, and business professionals enjoy the experiences inside the Burj, whether they’re taking a customized tour in the actual tower or enjoying the website’s interactive experience from afar. The Burj offers a complete experience from start to finish, which they achieved by building with the customer always in mind.
It’s time to follow that pattern with your campaigns. Companies like HD Supply, a tech and industrial distribution company, have already put this to the test. Recently, HD Supply was struggling to create valuable campaigns. They relied on disconnected processes, and they managed direct-mail and email marketing campaigns with different tools.
Essentially, they lacked flexibility, and they wanted to overhaul their process. By unifying their tech solutions, HD Supply can now coordinate campaigns across channels. Their marketers can create new audience segments and gain fresh insights into their behavior. They’ve also automated their email campaigns, and they’re saving 400 hours of work for every direct-mail campaign. And most importantly, they have a complete view of every customer, so they can deliver personalized experiences that foster loyalty.
Build a captivating campaign and foster loyalty.
The Burj Khalifa represents the truth that achieving new heights isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable. Mohamed Alabbar, chairman of Emaar Properties that owns the Burj, said, “In Burj Khalifa, we see the triumph of Dubai’s vision of attaining the seemingly impossible and setting new benchmarks.”
Your campaigns can be just as groundbreaking and brilliant. It just takes the right pieces working together toward the same goal.
It’s time to start building meaningful campaigns. Then you’ll elevate your company to breathtaking new heights that both you and your customers will love.

Learn how to orchestrate valuable campaigns.


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