Great experiences improve your ROI. Every time. 

Forrester learned that successful businesses focus on creating great customer experiences to improve their metrics — and their ROI. 


Successful businesses invest in CX to drive their ROI.

Successful businesses realize that the complete customer experience is more important to their ROI than focusing only on specific channels. Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an online survey with 1,269 marketing, advertising, customer experience (CX), digital, and analytics business leaders. Here’s what we discovered.

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1.7x higher customer retention rates.

1.7x higher customer retention rates.

Experience-driven businesses report higher customer retention, repeat purchase rates, and average order values.


1.6x customer lifetime value.

Experience-driven businesses are more effective at turning loyal customers into advocates. Half saw increased customer advocacy.

 1.5x more very satisfied employees.

1.5x more very satisfied employees.

Experience-driven businesses have happier employees with greater satisfaction at the individual, team, and department level. 

 1.4x revenue growth.

1.4x revenue growth.

Experience-driven businesses report an average revenue growth rate of 15% compared to an average of 11% among other companies.

Whole-lifecycle happiness matters for customers, employees, and ROI alike.

Superior business performance improves across every aspect of the customer lifecycle, including greater cost efficiency, heightened employee satisfaction and productivity, and increased customer engagement.

CX tools give businesses a leg up on competitors.

CX tools give businesses a leg up on competitors.

ROI metrics for customer retention, purchase rates, and lifetime value all improve with an ongoing commitment to CX.

Customers are devoted to  CX-driven businesses.

Customers are devoted to CX-driven businesses. 

When businesses invest in CX, customer satisfaction improves, leading to an increase of retention, purchasing, and loyalty. And greater ROI. 

They break down CX, so you can build up your ROI.

Watch Customer Experience Futurist Blake Morgan and Forrester Principal Analyst Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian break down the value of customer experience to your ROI.

Making customer-focused, long-term investments pays dividends.

Customer experience isn’t just about appearances. It’s about adding value.

A strong customer experience is based on people, process, and technology. 

Why CX needs to be your new normal.

Watch leading experts share their insights on the importance of customer experience to ROI.

Explore how Adobe Experience Cloud can drive your business performance. 

Explore how Adobe Experience Cloud can drive your business performance.