Audience Targeting

Customer segmentation can get stuck at the starting gate.


Refining your view of audience can reveal technology and organizational challenges.
Disconnected data sources.
Disconnected data sources.
Inability to share audiences among teams.
Inability to shareaudiences among teams.
Siloed campaign strategies.
Siloed campaign strategies.
Difficulty segmenting audiences in real time.
Difficulty segmentingaudiences in real time.


Customer segmentation improves performance.


A more refined audience view can transform how your organization meets customer demands.


Unified audience intelligence leads to sharper segmentation.
Unified audience intelligence leads to sharper segmentation.
A unified customer profile, created from first-party data and enriched with second- and third-party data, provides a robust audience view that can be segmented and targeted with confidence.
The journey becomes more enjoyable.
The journey becomes more enjoyable.
You can match messaging, offers, and experiences more consistently throughout the customer journey — no matter which channel or device consumers use — by segmenting and targeting customers using an integrated marketing platform.
Segmentation improves relevancy of their experiences.
Segmentation improves relevancy of their experiences. 
Segmentation leads to a better understanding of your customers. With superior customer intelligence you can know more about your audiences and deliver experiences that speak directly to them.
More conversions. Higher loyalty.
More conversions. Higher loyalty.
Customer segmentation provides the focus you need to meet demands with valuable experiences that lead to better conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty.
Customer segmentation
Adobe can help.
Adobe Audience Manager provides rules-based audience segmentation, helping you identify your most valuable customers so you can deliver relevant experiences. Easily compare segments to identify new audiences, gather actionable insights, and see how customer behavior changes over time.



Making the most of customer intelligence.


See how Adobe customers organize and activate audience segments for maximum results.
Claire Cronin, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Atlantic
"We can now send customers a much more personalized communication…that's really important."
— Claire Cronin, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Atlantic
Matt Ladner, Sr. GUI Developer, ALSAC


"[Our] audiences need different experiences…we can allow people to go as deep into stories as they want."
— Matt Ladner, Sr. GUI Developer, ALSAC

Customer segmentation FAQ.

How does Adobe Audience Manager help advertisers?
Advertisers can build segments based on common audience behaviors or traits, and they can personalize advertising, site experience, and owned channels accordingly.
How can we quickly take action on the audience insights we get from our data? 
With integrated analytics, data management, and campaign creation and delivery, you're able to act fast, responding to audience trends and achieving deeper personalization with real-time experiences. Multivariate testing allows you to surface insights quickly to generate value faster.  
How does Adobe Audience Manager help publishers?
Publishers can identify the most engaged audiences and develop segments to improve user experiences through personalized content. You can package valuable audiences into high-demand advertising segments. 
Can we easily scale audience segments with Adobe Audience Manager?
Yes. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and algorithmic modeling allow you to grow audience reach automatically. Use your most high-value audience segments to build larger audiences with similar interests and behavior using lookalike modeling.
Will customer segmentation reduce cost-per-acquisition?
Yes. With clear segments available for targeting, your CPA will decrease over time as you improve personalization and optimize investments. Audience suppression allows you to reduce paid media costs by frequency capping or eliminating unnecessary messages to existing customers.
Can customer segmentation help our sales team?
By spending less time on less lucrative opportunities and more on your most engaged, high-value segments, your sales team should be able to increase win rate and lift revenues.