Programmatic TV

Programmatic TV advertising uses data-driven, automated bidding to move your television ad buying from the traditional ratings-based approach to using audience data to deliver more personalized and relevant ads to viewers.


Shifting to programmatic TV isn’t easy.


Media buys can be tricky when you're faced with multiple technology challenges.
Lack of data integrations.
Lack of data integrations.
No campaign unification across devices and channels.
No campaign unification across devices and channels.
Difficulty targeting audiences.
Difficulty targeting audiences.
Inability to automate workflows and optimization.
Inability to automate workflows and optimization.


Programmatic TV puts viewers first.


Shifting to a programmatic strategy improves customer experiences and builds value for your brand by enabling you to understand audiences better and serve more relevant, consistent ads.


Cross-screen measurement for a unified view.
Cross-screen measurement for a unified view.
You can bring search, social, video, display, and TV ad campaigns together and report on metrics in a holistic way, allowing you to identify key touchpoints and optimize entire campaigns from a single dashboard.
Automated optimization and personalization.
Unified campaign management.
A single demand-side platform (DSP) gives you comprehensive control in a unified dashboard to plan, buy, measure, and manage all your online and TV advertising campaigns.
Data-driven audience targeting.
Data-driven audience targeting. 
Deep integrations between your DSP and analytics and data management tools allow you to enrich and activate customer profiles with trusted data from first-, second-, and third-party sources.
Improved agility with real-time planning and execution.
Improved agility with real-time planning and execution.
Automating the planning and buying process for TV can reduce complexity, lower costs, and leverage reliable data seamlessly in one platform.
Programmatic TV
Adobe can help.
Adobe Advertising Cloud applies the power of programmatic ad buying to TV campaigns, helping you plan and execute campaigns across every screen, while providing flexibility to shift spend quickly and optimize experiences for maximum conversions.



Putting automation and optimization in ad campaigns.


Global brands leverage audience data to deliver more relevant ads.
Ron Amram, Senior Marketing Director, Heineken USA


“You can buy specifically where a person is, what products they buy…you can literally go to that level of granularity.” 
— Ron Amram,
Senior Marketing Director, Heineken USA 
Lindsay Rowntree, UK Search Director, Starcom Mediavest Group
“The Adobe Media Optimizer [now Adobe Advertising Cloud] forecasting tool has helped save us time, and ensure that we can maximize accuracy. We’ve been able to see a 21% increase in time on site and 11% more clicks.”
— Lindsay Rowntree,
UK Search Director, Starcom Mediavest Group

Programmatic TV FAQ.

What are the benefits of buying TV inventory through the Adobe Advertising Cloud?
Adobe's ad platform provides you with an automated, data-driven solution to plan, buy, and measure TV ads in a single dashboard. You can execute national, local, VOD, addressable, and connected TV campaigns while leveraging deeper audience data to reach consumers more efficiently ..
Can I layer on data for more strategic targeting?
Yes. You can plan against any digital first- or third-party audience segment through our extensive data partnerships, including Adobe Audience Manager. And you can target specific households with set-top box data and gain attribution insights via TV manufacturer data. 
Is Adobe's programmatic TV solution limited to a single channel?
No. Our software enables advertisers to reach their most valuable TV audiences across linear, addressable, VOD, and connected TV environments with reach and frequency control. 
Can you help drive incremental reach for my TV buys?
Yes. Our solution identifies networks and dayparts that aren't reached by your base plan for an approach that helps ensure your investment is adding underexposed or unique viewers.
How does your TV solution help us stay ahead of competitors?
Adobe's solution enables you to create strategies and plans that compete directly against or around your competitors. You can plan campaigns across every screen in a holistic way, while having flexibility to shift spend, and optimize reach and frequency.
Does Adobe Advertising Cloud have any advantages when it comes to accessing inventory?
You have a market-leading supply across national, local, on-demand, and addressable inventory, reaching over 100 million households.  

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