Digital success starts with a sound foundation.

Optimal customer experiences are built on a unified digital foundation.

Digital success starts with a sound foundation.
Creating great content experiences requires great content management. Read Riding the Fast and Furious Flow of Content 

The Challenge.

The market is growing, changing, rapidly expanding. And you’re wondering how to keep up. The struggle to keep customers engaged and convert interactions to transactions is real. You’re leaving relationships and sales on the table, and you’re not sure how to get ahead. If you’re like most modern marketers, you’ve probably found yourself saying things like:

“I need a better way to manage my content across different channels.”

Your organizations are so siloed that content is losing effectiveness as it is filtered to different platforms.

“I can’t seem to deliver the personalized experience my customers demand.”

You may have a wealth of customer data and information stored across your organization, but you need a better way to gather it together and analyze it effectively.

“I’m unable to make changes in real time.”

Building a new marketing campaign takes so much time that it’s hard to respond to unexpected events or take advantage of newly trending topics.

“71% of digital marketing professionals say that optimizing the customer journey will be very important to business growth over the next few years.” 


– Adobe 2017 Digital Trends report

What to do.

Building a powerful, secure, and scalable digital foundation is central to creating the best customer experience. A unified digital foundation is made up of products designed to communicate and work together. It makes it possible to learn about your audience and their interests, engage customers through personalized marketing messages, create relevant digital experiences across channels, and focus on marketing instead of IT administration.


Use analytics to understand your customers as people — learn what they want, need, and believe. Analytics tools will help you discover your most valuable customer segments and will provide you with the insights you need to engage them.


Once you’ve learned who your customers are and what they want, you can target them with relevant, personalized experiences. You can set up tests to improve conversion rates and create high-converting experiences.


When you have a unified digital solution with a unified interface, you can easily find and deliver the right assets and insights across every device and channel. An experience management tool will help you conveniently manage and publish content in real time, across all your properties.


The more intuitive the tools, the more you can focus on what is and isn’t working. Free yourself from IT with intuitive tools and streamlined workflows that will help your creative and marketing teams work together to deliver optimized experiences fast.

How to do it.

Adobe Experience Cloud lets you build a unified, secure, and scalable digital foundation. Our solutions are built on a cloud-based infrastructure supported by expert dedicated resources.
Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics not only gives you insights into who your customers are and how campaigns have performed, it predicts how your customers will act and how campaigns will perform using advanced machine learning technologies.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target lets you easily set up, test, and deliver targeted experiences to your customer segments. With automated personalization and behavioral targeting, you can easily deliver unique experiences to best engage each customer.
Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager keeps it all together. From asset management to connected online and offline experiences, it provides you with the right capabilities and workflows to help you meet increasingly high customer expectations with efficiency and speed.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Services with Adobe Experience Manager makes building your digital foundation faster and easier by handling the time-consuming challenges of upgrades, patching, scaling, backup, and testing. It’s just what you need to free up your IT team.


Joost van Dun .Com manager, Corporate Experience, Philips

Start laying the groundwork for the right digital foundation.

Follow along as one of our senior consultants shares his tips on how to begin building a solid digital foundation.

“Our choice to adopt technologies like those from Adobe was the smartest choice we made, especially as we work to serve diverse customers worldwide.”

Joost van Dun .Com manager, Corporate Experience, Philips
By building a digital foundation from the ground up with Adobe, Philips now has centralized management of all its channels. When updates need to happen, no page is left behind, and customers reap the benefits as they enjoy simple, personalized experiences.
Customers want personalized and engaging experiences. Special and timely offers. In stores and online. To connect more deeply with your customers, read The New Content Frontier.