Highlights of Adobe Experience Platform.

Learn more about the heavy-hitting functionality of Adobe Experience Platform that powers amazing and relevant experiences for your customers.

Highlights of Adobe Experience Platform


Data Pipeline
Data Ingestion Service
Data Ingestion Service within Adobe Experience Platform lets brands onboard all relevant data from different sources in a simple and scalable manner. Data becomes available and actionable in near real time which helps brands see 360-degree customer profiles for deep engagement. The power of the Data Ingestion Service lies in its flexibility and speed. It offers tremendous flexibility by taking in various types of data from multiple sources. And, the ease and efficiency of the ingestion process means the data is available for deep engagement, analysis, and automation of work processes in near real time.
Data Ingestion Service
Experience Data Model & Adobe Experience Platform
Experience Data Model, Microsoft Common Data Model, and Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe’s Experience Data Model (XDM) is a formal specification used to describe the customer journey of experiences, as well as their resulting actions and events. XDM additionally describes the measurement, content, offers, and other useful details of the journey. Microsoft’s Common Data Model (CDM) is the parallel to XDM . Used together, they create a comprehensive industry standard—far more than just a “data dictionary” for companies working with data from customer experiences, it brings together two industry leaders to make a complete language for the experience business. Adobe Experience Platform operationalizes both XDM and CDM and makes them available as standard data models for customers.
For more information, visit Adobe XDM Github or Microsoft CDM Github.

Semantics & Controls
Data Usage Labeling & Enforcement in Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe Experience Platform provides a robust and powerful data governance framework that helps you manage your compliance with the regulations, restrictions, and policies controlling the use of your data. The Data Usage Labeling & Enforcement framework simplifies and streamlines the process of categorizing data and creating data usage policies. Marketing actions requiring data can immediately be evaluated based on the data usage policies applied to it.
Data Usage Labeling & Enforcement in Adobe Experience Platform
GDPR & Adobe Experience Platform
GDPR & Adobe Experience Platform
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the European Union’s new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements. The new rule has a broad definition of personal data and a wide reach, affecting any brand that markets products or services to individuals in the EU. Adobe Experience Cloud’s GDPR API automates consumer GDPR access and delete requests across Adobe platform components.
Extensibility in Adobe Experience Platform
Extensibility in Adobe Experience Platform is built on open APIs, exposing the full functionality of the system to developers using familiar tools so customers can integrate their enterprise solutions with Adobe Experience Platform and partners can build their own products and technologies on it as they wish.
Adobe Experience Platform Extensibility

Unified Profile

Adobe Experience Platform Unified Profile
Experience Platform Unified Profile provides enterprises with an easily accessible, up-to-date, fast, and complete data store that content systems can query. Its purpose is to deliver a centrally accessible profile which enables marketers to drive coordinated, consistent and relevant experiences with consumers across all channels. This profile is different from the systems of record across Adobe Experience Cloud solutions because it’s the only profile that offers a comprehensive view of the customer using online, offline, Adobe and non-Adobe data.
Experience Cloud Profile

Machine Learning
Data Science Workspace: Build intelligent services on Adobe Experience Platform
Data Science Workspace: Build intelligent services on Adobe Experience Platform
Data Science Workspace uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to unleash insights from your data. Integrated into Adobe Experience Platform, Data Science Workspace helps you make predictions using your content and data assets across Adobe solutions.

With Data Science Workspace, data scientist can leverage the power of Adobe Sensei to easily create intelligent services — APIs — powered by machine learning. These services work with other Adobe services, including Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics Cloud, to help you automate personalized and targeted digital experiences in web, desktop, and mobile apps.