Improve customer experiences by taking advantage of GDPR.

Improve customer experiences by taking advantage of GDPR.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements in the European Union (EU). Although reaching GDPR-readiness may require some adjustments by businesses, our GDPR Service in Adobe Experience Platform can help you take advantage of this new opportunity to improve customer experiences. We’re dedicated to ensuring our products meet consumer privacy, support all your enterprise implementations, and improve governance.


Increase trust.
Strengthen relationships by giving individuals more control and transparency over their personal data in Adobe products, all while delivering personalized and timely consumer experiences in new ways.

Execute multiple GDPR requests faster.
Quickly respond to all data subjects by sending GDPR requests via API to Adobe Experience Cloud products.

Protect your business.
Improve regulatory risk management.

Learn the seven-step GDPR workflow.

GDPR-Readiness in Adobe Experience Platform

As one of your data processors, we built these data privacy features in Adobe Experience Platform to help you become GDPR-ready with Adobe Experience Cloud products. Check them out and see how you can start today.

Use Adobe’s GDPR API to quickly and conveniently manage GDPR requests from data subjects who wish to access or delete their personal data.

Execute GDPR requests using a visual interface in the GDPR UI, designed for one-off requests without requiring implementation.

Identify and label data types that should be referenced in a GDPR request so they can be submitted to Adobe Experience Cloud. Learn more about labeling your data in Adobe Analytics here.

Deploy our GDPR ID retrieval tag on form pages where individuals submit GDPR requests to capture user IDs and include them in your GDPR API call for processing.

Take advantage of our prebuilt integrations with consent management solutions Evidon, OneTrust, and TrustArc to help you obtain consents. These integrations are available  through Adobe Experience Platform Launch.

Adobe Experience Cloud. Built with privacy by design.

Adobe enterprise products transform your business to create content and documents, build campaigns, manage media buying, and gain deep business intelligence. Get additional information on specific Adobe products and how they are GDPR-ready.


Learn how your advertising can be GDPR-ready.


Find out how to prepare for data subject requests.


Learn how privacy by design features can help.


Get guidance on personalization and GDPR.


Ensure that your document workflows are GDPR-ready.

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Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.