Free infographics templates.

Choose from infographics templates to design your own infographics in minutes.

Create your infographics now

Create your infographics now

Adapting an infographic template is simple with Adobe Express.

The Adobe Express design process is exceptionally simple. And it’s made even easier because you can start things off with a ready-made infographic. Each template has everything you need. If you want to keep things extra simple, just change the text and print or download your infographic in seconds.

Even if you decide to make changes, the interface makes the process quick and fun. Click a design icon, and the change you want is delivered instantly. You don’t need any knowledge of coding or graphic design. If you can use a computer, you can use Adobe Express. Master the basics in seconds, and play around with different design elements until you’ve created the infographic that will send your content viral.

Choose from a massive selection of free infographic templates.

There are lots of ready-made infographics ready to select within the Adobe Express platform. Whether you’re selling a product or educating your audience, you can’t fail to find a design that should get the message across. Each template comes fully loaded with imagery, illustrations, backgrounds, text, and many more essential features.

Think of the infographic templates from Adobe Express as the beginning of the creative process. Take a moment to browse the previews listed above. Once you’ve found something appropriate, click on it. You can then take a much closer look at it within the main design interface. Either add your text and make the necessary cosmetic changes or come back to this page to choose a different template.

Customize your infographic template with a range of options.

A successful infographic is usually one that is visually unique. While you can start with a ready-made template, it’s always better to create something unique to your brand or organization. Thanks to the huge selection of customization options available with Adobe Express, you can do just that.

Change color schemes, backgrounds, images, illustrations, shapes, text, or borders — all with a few clicks of your mouse or trackpad. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to customizing your infographic, so take some time to experiment with different design combinations.

Use each template as the basis for your own design. But make it your own with the various customization choices. Every change you make is displayed instantly in the preview panel — so have fun and don’t be afraid to take creative risks.

Why choose Adobe Express for your infographics?

You can master the basic principles of design with Adobe Express in just a few minutes. Achieve professional results that marketers and graphic designers would be proud of. And do it all on your existing computer.

Money is always tight during the early stages of any business venture. But because you get to use a free infographic template from Adobe Express, you can save precious money without compromising on quality. Wherever you are in the world, use this Cloud-based design software to spread your messages to a global audience.

Use an infographic template from Adobe Express to give your content the best chance possible of going viral.